There is a way in which, in palace environments, it comes called the “dark side” of the gods royals. A nickname that is usually evoked in exceptional circumstances but which Meghan Markle has “revealed”, apparently, during the much feared (by the Royal Family) interview with Oprah Winfrey. The Firm (the company): this nickname indicates not only the royal family in decision-making capacity but also the set of professional figures, from administration to communication, who deal with the “business” involving royal families. A sort of apparatus that reports directly to the queen and other members, apparently now only plus eight, which in Meghan’s words seems to have played an important role in the public pillory that involved her.

In the interview, in fact, Meghan Markle seems to have talked about a real mud machine, or rather a longa manus, which would have had (and still has) an active role in the destruction of the reputation of the two Dukes. The Firm, however, is not a nickname invented by the Duchess but it is really the “conversational” way in which the royals refer to their cooler, more operative side. In the book The Firm: The Troubled Life of the House of Windsor by Penny Junors, in fact, we read that Prince Philip often uses this name to indicate the structure that surrounds the royals and which acts to avoid scandals or damage to the reputation of the royal family.

And it was indeed George VI, father of Elizabeth II, to speak for the first time about The Firm, saying that the royla family was not a family “but a company”. Since then the expression has remained in force precisely to indicate the “business”, cold and calculating side of the royal family. Needless to say, at this point, the reasons that are pushing the English royals to raise real barricades against Meghan’s interview: it is in fact evident that the Dukes will probably intend to make a more or less explicit reference to the figure of Diana, creating a parallelism between their personal story and that of Meghan.

Statements that will open old wounds never completely healed and it is not said that, at the same time, it does not lead Meghan and Harry to insinuate a role of the royals in the dramatic fate of the princess. Certainly not with regard to the accident but for the persecution of the tabloids that have marked the life of the Princess.

A parallelism that, we are sure, will in no way be tolerated by the royals and, least of all, by William who is currently among the columns of the Firm. And it is not certain that, in Meghan’s mind (or maybe even in reality), allegations of bullying recently surfaced in the press aren’t quite another manifestation of The Firm. We just have to wait for Sunday night to find out the whole truth. Or part of it …

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