Is called Cristina Fogazzi, but everyone knows how The Cynical Beautician. Bresciana, 47, with her clever sarcasm gave a touch pink is glam to the beauty routines of Italian women. That’s why it looks like there Role Model Barbie 2021 (here the video:


The goal is to inspire girls and girls to celebrate their uniqueness and potential on the occasion of Women’s Day. Mattel is thus committed to the Dream Gap Project, a social initiative that wants to encourage the youngest to keep their dreams tight. The term refers precisely to a specific period of growth in which the female universe usually begins to doubt its own ambitions and resize them.

So far Barbie has staked on beyond 60 great models empowerment pink, including gymnast Gabby Douglas, singer Elisa, model and body activist Ashley Graham, actress Zendaya and the Paralympic champion Bebe Vio. All of them show that wanting is power and that growing can truly become a “girl’s game”, Meaning the phrase in the most progressive sense, of course.

This is why the example of The Cynical Beautician can contribute to the campaign in a concrete way: from the opening of Bellavera beauty center in Milan to a turnover of 50 million euros in 2020, with over 40 employees, a book and the Veralab brand. Very popular on social media (800k on Instagram, 300K on Facebook), it is showing not only that beauty is a business but that true beauty consists inaccept yourself.

The collaboration with Barbie includes seminars in elementary schools and a partnership with the Bet she can association that wants to break down gender stereotypes. The Cynical Beautician describes it as a reason for “infinite pride” because “For me – he says – the biggest challenge was overcoming the fear of the judgment of others”.

Barbie, ranked first in the world like property of toys, then continue to focus on Career Dolls and on the series Inspiring Women to encourage the spread of positive values ​​such as inclusiveness.

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