Vittoria Ceretti, participation in Sanremo and clothes. The first dress is by Valentino Haute Couture, Bulgari High Jewelry, then Armani Privé and Atelier Versace
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We are in the middle of fashion weeks and Vittoria Ceretti is traveling. While bouncing between Milan and Paris struggling with fittings and virtual catwalks (the ones we have gotten used to, without an audience, made for the democratic and global digital audience) comes a totally unexpected phone call. They seek it from Sanremo. The artistic director of the Festival, Amadeus, wants her next to him on the stage of the Ariston. “Not as a simple guest, as I thought for a moment, but as a co-host for the third evening,” she says with some emotion.

For Vittoria – supermodel used to traveling the world to work with the greatest designers and the most famous photographers since she was 14 (now she is almost 23) – the proposal comes as a surprise. Exciting. For her it is almost a liberation to abandon the aura of mystery that surrounds her when she poses or takes off, in order to finally be able to speak. “In Sanremo I can tell, and tell myself. Tell everyone who they are ”. It is a major change.

Who is Vittoria Ceretti? Before “his” evening in Sanremo, we took advantage of the confidence that arises between those who meet together on the photo set – he posed for the first time for Vogue Italia in 2016 and hasn’t stopped since then – to let us tell about ideas, projects, desires. .

Vittoria Ceretti with the first dress worn in Sanremo, by Valentino Haute Couture: dress in crêpe and intense black taffeta ruffles, embellished with pâle pink peau de soie knots.

© Jacopo Raule / Daniele Venturelli

Victory in Armani Privé

© Jacopo Raule / Daniele Venturelli

We live in the era of streaming platforms and liquid music, but Sanremo is still the television “event” that everyone is waiting for. What is it for a 23 year old girl like you?

It gives me a great emotion: it is scary but at the same time it is a very powerful rush of adrenaline. Of course, the staircase scares me a little. Once you get off, everything will be easier. I am not afraid of the stage because I am someone who throws herself into new businesses without thinking too much about it.

Maybe your runway habit works as some kind of antidote to camera panic.

Actually the catwalks are very different: there are a lot of people around you, but you slip into your bubble of concentration. Here you get on stage and you have to interact with an audience that, even if it is not physically present, is huge.

We are sure you will not be awkward on stage! How did you prepare for the debut on RaiUno?

I admit: it’s a jump without a parachute. Sanremo happens right in the period of fashion weeks. Days without stopping in which I continue to get on and off the planes – and I swab – to participate in fittings, fashion shows, digital videos. I don’t even have time to breathe, but I will certainly find a few minutes to concentrate before going down the steps of the Ariston.

Sometimes throwing yourself without thinking is better.
Is Sanremo also important for kids your age?

Of course, we all know Sanremo. I think it’s especially interesting now, in an increasingly digitalized world, because it keeps empathy and contact alive. For me it is an honor to be one of the faces of this edition of the Festival, especially in such a difficult time for our country. With my participation I would like to be able to send a message.

What message?

I am a young woman who has had an important but demanding career, also made up of sacrifices and tenacity. I accepted the invitation to Sanremo also because all the co-hosts are wonderful women, who have imposed themselves with their work. I find it a positive encouragement for all girls.

Vittoria Ceretti catwalk for Valentino, SS 2020 collection

Speaking of tenacity and challenges: the last year has also put a strain on the fashion industry, which has had to reinvent itself. How is this change experienced from within?

Personally, I lost a lot of jobs because I couldn’t travel – impossible to go to America or reach London – or maybe someone on the team tested positive at Covid and the productions were canceled. It has been a difficult year for everyone.

But there are also positives.

The energy of a live show is priceless and unrepeatable, both for those who parade and for those who attend the show. But fashion is brilliant and has managed to find new ways and codes to make us feel strong emotions even through digital.

How does fashion have to be to appeal to younger people, millennials and Gen X?

I think of three values. Attention to the environment. Empathy. Ability to make everyone feel represented. People must be able to recognize themselves in their clothes.

You have worked with practically every designer and every photographer in the fashion system. Is there anyone you have a special relationship with?

Lots of them. Starting with Dolce and Gabbana and Giorgio Armani, who were the first to believe in me from the very beginning. With Donatella Versace, who is a very sympathetic, funny and outspoken woman, we can laugh even during fittings and before shows, in the midst of pre-show agitation. I also respect Alberta Ferretti very much, and I love Fendi.
With Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli I can say that I have a friendship as well as a working relationship. Ditto with Riccardo Tisci, with whom I collaborated a lot, and after Karl Lagerfeld’s death, also with Chanel’s Virginie Viard.

Vittoria Ceretti parades for the Versace FW 2020 2021 collection

And among photographers?

Luigi and Iango are now family to me. And I owe a lot to Steven Meisel, with whom I worked a lot at the beginning of my career, also for Vogue Italia.

You shot covers and reports for Vogue Italia. Is there one that you remember more than the others?

All the covers and services I shot for Vogue Italia are precious to me. If I have to name one, I would say that the first cover is never forgotten!

Karl Lagerfeld often wanted you on his catwalks. How it was?

A very generous person. Before the Haute Couture spring summer 2019 fashion show Chanel calls me to the fitting very early. When I arrive, he is there waiting for me with one of the seamstresses: I have to try on the final look, the wedding dress. She approaches me and says: “Vittoria, I dreamed of this dress and I dreamed it about you, either you wear it or nobody wears it”. It is a beautiful memory.

The dress created by Karl Lagerfeld for Vittoria Ceretti

But then you didn’t get married in a Chanel dress.

No, I chose a dress by Jacquemus that I had seen on the Internet. It arrived in three days, I hadn’t even tried it. It all happened quickly. Me and Matteo (Milleri, deejay and member of the Tale of Us group, ed) we had decided to get married in October 2020, when – we thought – the pandemic would end. But then in Ibiza, this summer, we decided to speed things up: he took me to visit the church of Es Cubelles. I liked it and we decided to get married right away, albeit unfortunately without our families and friends. It was an intimate ceremony, only the witnesses were present.

The first thing, now banned, what will you do after the pandemic?

I’ll be back to hug all the people I love. Without being afraid.

Top: Vittoria Ceretti by Luigi & Iango, Vogue Italia July 2017

Vittoria Ceretti for the first time on the cover of Vogue Italia in July 2016

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