Saskia de Brauw he loves to range between writing, photography and cinema and argues that all his different activities are, in reality, one thing. «Being a model and being creative are both part of my life, the division of time is fluid». So he says to approach each new job with calm and awareness and says that currently he is also learning «the art of weaving. I have a specific project in mind, even if first I have to understand how to overcome the technical obstacles, since I’m starting from scratch ». Exploring the power of the written word is the challenge of the American model Binx Walton who – he says – has been writing since he learned to do it: «I put down ideas that are told to me and I write about pains, loves, deceptions. Sometimes my words take shape in short texts. Others, terribly long ». In all cases, he prefers to write in pen, on a sheet of paper: “I like the idea that words pass through the hand, are expressed in ink and I also love seeing my writing errors: they remind me that I’m human” . Sensitive to social issues, Walton hopes for the universal democratization of literacy: “We should give everyone, even those who live in difficult situations, the opportunity to write books”. She says she feels deeply grateful for the freedom her work has allowed her and confesses that she does not particularly want “my writings to be published. But I think everyone should have the opportunity to cultivate an art form just to be able to express themselves ».

Binx Walton @ Next. Silk dress with prints and sequin details and bijou-earring.

Writing (a diary, actually) is also the passion of Lily Aldridge who, in addition to being engaged as a model, is a mother of two children. He says that «you can be creative in many different ways: fashion, art and even cooking. Creativity is in everything I do ». And he adds that lately he has found great satisfaction in writing a diary: “It helps to keep the imagination flowing.” The idea of ​​writing down thoughts came to her while reading The artist’s way by Julia Cameron, an essay in which the author argues that the practice of journaling is an effective method to overcome creative blocks. For Dilone creativity means acting: «It allows me to enter a completely different world and become another person. And it’s good for me because, at times, I tend to take life too seriously, ”she says. It was Bruce Weber who encouraged her in this direction and introduced her to Allan Mindel, her current manager and, in the past, producer of the film by Gus Van Sant My Own Private Idaho. Dilone describes her approach to acting as “very humble. I try to bring out my insecurities and often come to doubt that I am good enough. It’s a scary feeling but, at the same time, I love uncertainty, not knowing what will happen. I feel like a sponge that absorbs everything and learns… and I certainly have a lot to learn! ».

Adut Akech @ The Society. Jersey dress with silk and sequin details.

Also Lulu Tenney she is an actress and explains that «if to be a good model you need to know how to find a particular mood and follow it, acting is similar because you have to do the same job but tune into a character. The difference is that, in this second case, there is a script to follow ». Tenney studied acting at LaGuardia Acting Studio with Harry Shifman – the same teacher as Timothée Chalamet – and remembers how in the beginning “the two careers overlapped: first in class for three or four hours and then running to Downtown for a shooting or a fashion show by Raf (Simons, ed) for Calvin Klein ». But his aspirations are ambitious: «I too want to create my own work: write a film or direct it. Every form of creativity interests me ». Actress career as well for Tao Okamoto: After a stint as a model in New York she made her Hollywood debut in hit films such as Wolverine next to Hugh Jackman. Over the years, however, he has developed a great sensitivity for environmental issues. Emerald Practices is in fact the social platform and the podcast with which it wants to raise awareness on issues such as the climate crisis and animal rights. “I realized how much mother nature gave us and how badly we treated her instead.” And she concludes by emphasizing the importance of creative solutions such as Abode of Snow, a sustainable fashion brand founded with her husband at the end of October. In addition to working in fashion, Julia Nobis has a diploma as a medical first aid technique. “My immigrant status in the United States (she’s Australian, ed), however, only allows me to work as a model, so during the pandemic, I tried to make myself useful in other ways”. Nobis then served as a volunteer with the New York Cares organization and is often engaged in “delivering aid to destitute families.”

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Tao Okamoto @ The Society. Long cotton trench coat and silk dress with prints and sequin details. LV Volt rings in yellow gold.

All the clothes and accessories in these images are from Louis Vuitton.
Photo Craig McDean.
Stylist Carlos Nazario.

Opening photo: Saskia de Brauw @ Dna. Wool jacket with mesh sleeves, jersey top, linen and wool blend trousers and leather pumps.

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