The latest fashion trend FW 2021 202 is being country chic. Just like Queen Elizabeth II

Accomplice the pandemic, the return to simplicity and the desire for nature were an almost immediate consequence, which obviously also influenced the fashion FW 2021 2022. But there are those who also wanted to see this trend in a sophisticated and refined perspective, giving life to country-chic garments that seem tailor-made for the royal family. Looking at the looks on the catwalk in line with this trend, it almost seems to see them: Queen Elizabeth II with her foulard and suits printed with contrasting profiles riding, or strolling in her military green raincoats; Carlo and Diana exploring the hills in rubber caloshes and check print suits. In short, that world so exclusive and distant is about to enter our wardrobes in a new contemporary guise.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at Balmoral – 1972

© Fox Photos

Max Mara with one of her ‘mix and match’ looks she seems to be inspired by the Queen’s looks, but replaces the classic suit with a suit consisting of a varsity jacket and a contrasting checked pencil skirt.

Max Mara Fall Winter 2021 2022

Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral – 1977 and 2009

© Laura Tortora

The collection also celebrates the queen’s typical outerwear, such as quilted gilets – paired with tartan skirts – and loose-fitting trench coats, also spotted by Luisa Beccaria.

Max Mara Fall Winter 2021 2022

Max Mara Fall Winter 2021 2022

Luisa Beccaria Fall Winter 2021 2022

Check and tartan patterns peek out on jackets with a relaxed cut, reminiscent of those worn by Lady Diana at Balmoral.

Carlo and Diana at Balmoral – 1981

© Anwar Hussein

To re-propose that model is Tod’s with a suit made up of short blazer and shorts, while Blazé focuses on the famous long blazer, combined with accessories from the world of sportswear, which Lady D loved to show off in the city.

Tod’s Fall Winter 2021 2022

Blazé Fall Winter 2021 2022

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