The most fascinating idea, among the thousands of fascinating ideas, of Cosetta Giorgetti it is the one that sees beauty as something to “wear” with personality and harmony. A bright thought that also makes you reflect on your own imperfections intended as something to be proudly manifested. On the other hand, Cosetta cares very much about the Japanese aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi which literally means “Accepting the beauty of imperfection”.

Where imperfection becomes detail, uniqueness, character. “What makes an individual beautiful is inner beauty, which is the true concept of aesthetic uniqueness. The work energetic through my profession it has always been to inspire, through make-up, the need not to appear, not to conform to the concept of globalized beauty, to which the beauty and fashion are often linked, “he explains.

The professional path begins in the world of fashion a Florence in 1984 with Maurizio Ragazzini, a highly talented and creative theatrical make-up artist from whom she learns the secrets of the art of make-up and then becomes her personal assistant. In 1989 he moved to Milan, where he has the opportunity to collaborate with photographers of international level and for the most important magazines of the fashion system.

Cosetta Giorgetti – Picture of Rosi Di Stefano

In addition to the experience on the set and with hundreds of characters and celebrities, her passion for research and in-depth study have also led her to teach in different International Academies, together with experiences as a Beauty Editor for Redmilk Magazine and for Manintown Magazine.

Not only: “Da vegan and always attentive to climate change and the responsibility of the cosmetics industry, I wanted create a line of ethical products, which respect our skin, the mediating organ between us and the outside world and our planet. Natural beauty has few rules by definition and belongs to those who make choices according to nature to live and age with health and intellectual vivacity ”, he adds.

And it is precisely from this incredible mix of elements that it is born CO_ORGANIC SKINCARE a beauty line, completely natural and intended as a ritual holistic to rediscover beauty and well-being in harmony with oneself and the world. A brand founded on organic and certified products, all made in Italy with artisanal care, where chemical elements and waste are banned.

Daily Scrub by CO_ORGANIC SKINCARE: creamy scrub with smoothing olive stones

“Every ingredient of mine potions grew up in one Ligurian organic farm located at 500 meters above sea level, the collections are carried out by hand, the distillates are made immediately after harvesting. The purity of the elements is meticulously preserved banishing any chemical perfume (only essential oils), no petroleum derivatives, nor silicones. Each stage of processing is taken care of with scrupulous attention, from the choice of the container in glass to inhibit oxidation down to the practical display to protect the product from any form of contact with the outside. The love for nature and for the beauty of every human being is the alchemical element that guides my line of skincare. There rose and lavender they are the alchemists of my beauty project “.

Hydra Rose by CO_ORGANIC SKINCARE: moisturizing face cream with anti-aging ancient rose

Lavander Cleanser by CO_ORGANIC SKINCARE: extra delicate cleansing milk based on precious oils and extracts
vegetal, purifies, refreshes and hydrates

Lavander Mist by CO_ORGANIC SKINCARE: pure distilled abrial lavender water

Obviously also the packaging is the result of a meticulous work of recovery and reuse: the scraps of fabrics from the fashion supply chain, which would have been pulped, have been redesigned and assembled thanks to the work of Cooperative Alice, which manages a network of tailoring workshops in prisons in order to reintegrate women into the world of work. An idea of ​​beauty that starts from nature to reach the social dimension.

How did you select the ingredients to use for your “potions”?

“The choice was dictated by love for sure natural ingredients that I have always included in mine beauty skincare routine, like Argan oil, Shea butter, almond oil. I analyzed what I wanted to convey with my beauty line; the answer that emerged was… To give a daily moment of well-being, stimulating different aspects, from the epidermal one to that olfactory.

Rich Cream by CO_ORGANIC SKINCARE: extra nourishing face cream, soft and silky texture with Shea butter

Magic Elisir by CO_ORGANIC SKINCARE: face gel serum based on rose floral water, with aloe gel,
hyaluronic acid and organic mallow extract

Lighting Eyes by CO_ORGANIC SKINCARE: eye contour cream with natural decongestant, revitalizing and moisturizing active ingredients, with almond oil, rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid

Roses and lavenders are my great floral loves, both for their extraordinary active ingredients and for their emotional scent. The rose works on the fourth heart chakra, lavender on the third chakra the throat, translated, love and relationship with others. A holistic journey mine. It has no gender identity is for the human being! I would like through this project to give a beauty ritual linked to love yourself. Simply”.

Why should we opt for the most natural skincare possible?

“Very simple, because the leather is basic for our health and general well-being. It is the first defensive barrier from bacteria and viruses, healthy skin maintains our water balance, it is ours thermal self-regulator, we breathe through this extraordinary organ; on a holistic level it is the first protection towards the outside… Our energetic business card. The skin is ours emotional securityby working on it, we work on our self-esteem, Loving and respecting it honors ourselves in the journey of rediscovered well-being ”.

It’s easy to say clean beauty, what should we be careful of if we want a truly sustainable beauty routine?

“First you should look the impact of the beauty project on the environment and prefer cosmetics that have a 0 km production chain. Personally I chose not to make boxes as packaging in my beauty project, I went to the fashion chain and I collected fabric scraps that would have gone to the pulp and polluted, redesigned, creating a small bag reusable like clutch bag beauty.


I chose glass bottles and all the paper used for shipping comes from renewable sources. The farm that produces my potions is 0 km, they plant, cure, harvest and distill. Products without travel, from nature to the naturalness of skincare aware. Awareness is the word we should give voice to when we choose “.

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