Fashion, colors and creativity on the stage of Sanremo 2021: here is our selection of the most beautiful looks seen in the early evening

The evening of all creative, colorful and couture suits (the coordinated jacket plus fire red trousers chosen by Arisa, the mirrored one by Madame and finally the latest look with jewel embroidery by Matilda de Angelis). The evening of glam rock (from Fiorello who plays “Thanks for the flowers” with a cloak of 3D buds and glasses with flames, to the Gucci tracksuit by Achille Lauro to the Maneskin group in total black and glitter). The evening without an audience, where the spectators are at home with their “pajamas” while the live performances have been views for the first time from the red velvet armchairs. Sanremo 2021 has everything a different flavor but has nevertheless brought some color to Italian homes, including music, couture outfits and eccentric proposals (Max Gazzè dressed in a costume that pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci).

Finally theorchestra of Sanremo who has always given us dreamy notes and melodies, for the first evening she was the co-star: directors with damask vests, colored bow ties, musicians dressed at Atelier Emè and choristers in Giorgio Armani.

Musicians in Atelier Emé

Musician in Atelier Emé

Musician in Atelier Emé

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