After 18 months of legal battle, Meghan finally got the better of the tabloids. Not only since point of view of “reason, but also from an economic point of view. Associated Newspapers which owns the Mail on Sunday and the Mail Online she was ordered to pay 90% of the legal fees incurred by the Duchess. The figure? Well over a million dollars. The Duchess, in fact, in the almost two years of legal struggle, would have spent about one million and eight hundred thousand dollars, of which only 665 thousand would remain at the expense of the duchess while the rest would be at the expense of the publishing group.

The lawsuit was initiated following the publication, in February 20219, of a letter from Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle, sent to the Duchess after hers wedding in 2018. As the judge noted in the judgment, the publication of the letter was manifestly excessive and therefore illegal. The second part of Meghan’s request to the judge, namely the publication of a public apology on the first page of the Mail on Sunday he was born in Mail Online and subsequently the destruction of all copies of the letter.

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Certainly now the English tabloids will find themselves where to face an important outlay and, at least according to when it is learned, there would not even be the details for an appeal. And if the saying says that you learn by making mistakes, the judge adds that by paying you learn better. And first.

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