It is a fight without quarter in the royal family. And low blows are not ruled out. A few days from the interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Times makes an accusation of bullying towards Meghan Markle. According to the magazine, in fact, Meghan would have manipulated and bullied some members of the Buckingham Palace staff, even bringing them to tears. The accusation, already made three years ago, returned to the limelight on the pages of the magazine which was joined by the victims who wanted to “tell the other Meghan” and make their voices heard before the interview with the queen of talk shows .

The reconstruction made by the Times she is punctual, full of details and calls into question not only the personal secretary of the Dukes at the time of their stay in London but also the head of human resources of the royal family and the private secretary of Harry. A series of detailed allegations to which the Duchess gave an answer through her spokesperson who spoke of “reconstruction in bad faith of the facts”, underlining how the Duchess is “very embittered especially because she is accused of something she suffered first”.

However, the reaction that most leaves you astonished comes from Meghan’s lawyers who directly call into question Buckingham Palace insinuating that this attack comes from the royal family. The reason? Trying to discredit Meghan before the interview. Certainly, at this point in the story, the questions that arise are more than one: which and how many statements could Meghan and Harry make from Oprah? And why should Buckingham Palace have so many fears? But above all: what happened (really) in Meghan’s years in London? And what is really the reason for the farewell of the Dukes to the royals?

So many doubts that, we are sure, will probably be answered on Sunday night. And in the reactions of the next day, obviously.

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