Let’s get rid of the thought immediately: Matilda De Angelis I like her. I like the video of Thegiornalisti in which he was preparing for fourteen thousand hours, from that film with Stefano Accorsi in which he drives like a thunder (a mirage for me who suffer in every parking lot), from The Undoing.

And yes I like it because it chooses not to rhetoric about an issue, acne, that happens. Point. Matilda De Angelis simply shows herself for what she is: an actress, a girl, a person. Now try to understand: to me, who suffered from acne, it’s not that it makes me feel better ‘that’s what. It is not that if the pimples have them even the stars think “Oh well, then they are in trend”.

The point is another: Matilda does not justify herself, does not explain, does not even champion a movement of acne-positivity. Here I like this.

And finally I also like the beauty looks that the actress has chosen for Sanremo 2021. For the first the hair is collected in a soft hairstyle which leaves “free” two tufts that wink at Gen Z but without a strongly 90s connotation. rosy nuances on lips and cheeks and blue eyes delicately framed, without excessive shades or graphics. Perfect the light point inside the eye and the eyebrows outlined to perfection.

Matilda De Angelis at the Sanremo Festival 2021

© Jacopo Raule / Daniele Venturelli

For the second beauty look Matilda De Angelis melts the hair: the crease is in soft and barely hinted waves, a reinterpretation of the 20s styling en pendant with the dress. Compared to the previous one, the trick is characterized by a Red lipstick switched on. An intelligent choice especially if linked to the intervention on the kiss made by the actress during the Festival.

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