From fashion 2021 our style tips on how to combine socks and shorts. The inspiration comes from the street style world

We have already talked about the return of socks to the catwalk: with the fashion show Fall Winter 2020 2021, Chanel launched tights with the brand’s logo, which in a very short time have become a real craze for influencers and fashionistas all over the world. With the Spring Summer 2021 collection of Chanel Haute Couture, then, Virginie Viard has shown that she has a great passion for this accessory, because she has re-proposed it in a new version, mesh and with couture garments. Meanwhile, the trend is rampant, and it is also evident in street style fashion. One of the coolest combinations seems to be the one with another very trendy garment right now: shorts. We explain how to combine them according to the latest dictates of fashion 2021, inspired by the looks spotted around the world.

Comfy and bon ton version of socks and shorts

For a bon ton effect, combine shorts with a comfortable fabric, perhaps characterized by a timeless design, with tights of the same color. Complete it all with a flat and refined shoe, like the ballet flats.

Socks and shorts in an impeccable version: the spring suit

To maintain an elegant style, choose double and dark socks, perhaps in pendant with a turtleneck. Make the outfit contemporary with a pair of combat boots and an it bag.

Seductive version of socks and shorts

For a sophisticated and sexy day-to-night look, choose micro and very high-cut shorts and combine them with a pair of super thin sheer stockings. To give the right intention to the outfit are once again shoes: focus on a high heel.

Contrasting socks and shorts

If you want to give tights a central role in your outfit, choose them in contrast with the outfit, and if you want an even stronger effect, focus on the monogrammed socks of a famous fashion house.

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