The golden street starts right in the heart of Milan, in the historical shop Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, to continue with an ambitious project that sees the opening of over 27 stores across the continent. Swarovski thus unveils the project Instant Wonder that goes beyond the aesthetics and design of the store to define (and celebrate) the beauty of crystal. The space becomes sensorial, enriched by colors, important textures, metal sculptures and innovative materials: Swarovski points to the sensation of wonder that every customer feels when entering his world. “Swarovski is a company that has always been characterized by the ability to innovate and reinvent itself. For 126 years, we have remained true to our DNA, while always managing to meet the needs of a world in constant evolution. We are looking forward to unveiling this new chapter in our story that introduces a real crystal lifestyle. “- Robert Buchbauer, CEO.

Swarovski, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan

The swan from Swarovski, the refined emblem of the brand, is reinterpreted according to the filter of Wonderlab, the imaginary world of crystal created by Giovanna Engelbert. “Wonderlab is the place where science and magic meet, where eccentricity and elegance intertwine: the feeling of amazement and wonder that we would like to give to those who enter the new Swarovski universe. “. The animal undergoes a magnificent evolution: more slender, accentuated by the tapered neck, to underline the change undertaken by the Austrian Maison. In symbolic terms, the swan represents eternal love, a feeling that is reflected in Swarovski’s passion for crystal. The new logo underlines the brand’s pride in tradition and at the same time the will to embrace change. Finally, the octagonal frame, a symbol of rebirth, as well as a clear reference to the faceted crystal, with Swarovski in the center.

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