And finally the time for confidences came. After a year in silence, away from cameras and photographers, now Harry and Meghan seem to have been caught in a sort of presentialist frenzy. A few days after the broadcast of the expected interview with Meghan (and partly Harry too) with Oprah Winfrey, the Duke of Sussex decided to be interviewed by James Corden in his Late Show. The inventor of Carpool Karaoke has in fact caught the prince and ran him around on a tourist bus, obviously drinking tea. The result was a very intimate and enjoyable chat in which Harry revealed different sides of his life (and the life of the royals in general) that have always remained hidden. Here are the seven secrets revealed by Harry.

Harry’s nickname.

The royals, like all the others, have nicknames with which they are called in private. For example, Prince Philip is known to affectionately call the queen “cabbage” (salad). But what is Harry’s nickname? To reveal the same Meghan, who contacted on the phone exclaimed: “Haz, how is your tour in LA?”. “Haz? Is that what he calls you?”
Prince Haz.

Harry likes it The Crown (or in any case he has no problems with the series).

“They don’t pretend it’s true. It’s fiction,” Harry said when Corden asked him what he thought of The Crown, the television series dedicated to his family (which the other royals did not particularly appreciate). On the other hand, as the duke himself later pointed out, there is an abyss between a television series that dramatizes historical events and the tabloid press that, especially towards Harry and Meghan, has often passed off as real news of pure artfully mounted lies.

He already has in mind the actor who should play him.

… and anyway, if ever there were seasons of The Crown set in the 2000s, Harry would like to be played by Damian Lewis.

What gifts does the queen give for Christmas?

What did great-grandmother Elizabeth II give to her great-grandson Archie? Not a castle, not a crown jewel, not a moorland estate but an extraordinary and uses waffle iron. And it seems that the little one really appreciated it very much.

The press was driving him crazy.

Harry, on the subject of the English press, has no doubts: it was ruining his life. “We all know what the English press can be and it was driving me insane, damaging my mental health. I was in the belief that” it was toxic. “So I did what every husband and father would do which was take my family away. from that environment “.

Harry can “rap” (or something similar).

James Corden and Prince Harry

© SS-PH1 / IPA

During the bus ride, Corden and Harry stopped in front of the mansion used as a location for Willy, the Prince of Bel-Air. And Harry sang the rap for the opening theme song. “This is a maxi-story of how my life has changed”. When will a duet come a duet with Will Smith?

Gallant appointments in the royal family are very special.

© Facundo Arrizabalaga / IPA

Meghan Markle? A real love at first sight. By the second date, Harry revealed, the spark had already “struck”. Especially since the dates in the royal family are not exactly like those of everyone else: “You can only go out after you are engaged” said Harry revealing how the first dates, if you are a royal, are in fact staying at home, alone, as a couple, chatting or watching a movie. “If you are a royals it is quite the opposite” said the prince. “You eventually become a couple first, then you go out to go to the movies or to dinner. In the beginning you spend a lot of time being together and only then you can go out to go to friends’ houses or to dinner.”

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