Of course, you all know her for her portrayal of Penny Lane in Almost famous (2000), or for the film How to get left in 10 days (2003) alongside Matthew McConaughey. But maybe you don’t know that off the set, Kate Hudson has been goodwill ambassador of the World Food Program (WFP) of the UN.

The actress – an Oscar nominated – has supported the organization that has been committed to eradicating hunger in the world since 2015 when it joined the Watch Hunger Stop Campaign of Michael Kors, which raises funds to support WFP for school meals, and went to Cambodia to visit schools supported by the program and meet farmers who grow food for children’s meals.

The pandemic has put a stop to the initiatives of Hudson and all of us, but the work of WFP is more urgent than ever. Last November, just days after WFP received the Nobel Peace Prize, Hudson, 41, helped launch the campaign #CrossTheDistance to raise funds and raise awareness of the most serious hunger emergencies in the world, such as in Yemen, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, the Sahel region and Syria.

Cambodia 2017: Kate Hudson visits schools in support of WFP’s school meals program

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Vogue spoke to the actress about her commitment to WFP, her hopes for the Biden-Harris presidency, and why she supports women in film.

Your commitment to WFP has been going on for almost 6 years now. Which aspects of the organization touch you most closely?

“What I like about WFP is that their engagement is on multiple fronts. They not only distribute money to buy food, but they help nations to sustain themselves through initiatives for school nutrition and health. In places where women and girls were not given an education, today there is this possibility because their families now know that if they go to school, they will also be fed. It is one of the reasons why WFP received the Nobel Peace Prize, nutrition helps these women and girls to make their way in life ”.

What do you hope to achieve with your goodwill ambassador job?

“I’m an actress and entrepreneur and can reach nearly 13 million people (through Instagram, Ed) and I hope this can help us continue to do important work. I do it because it interests me, and my hope is to be able to inspire others to take an interest in the problem as well. I am passionately committed to the mission of feeding our children, and also in everything related to mental health problems, so that children grow up in a healthy way also from a psychological point of view. Many women have breastfeeding problems: if they cannot, instinctively, as mothers, they think they cannot give their children what they need, even if they have the possibility to feed them in other ways. Try to imagine not having this possibility, it is devastating ”.

Your mother founded The Goldie Hawn Foundation. Do you think you inherited your passion for philanthropy from her?

“My grandmother always told my mom that you have to look at everything you get, and give back, always: for every dollar you earn you have to donate 10 cents, for all the happiness you get, you have to give that happiness back to others, it’s something they have me inculcated. Those from a selfless and attentive family have things like caring for others and nutrition at heart, and that it is important to continue on that path.

“When it’s my turn to pass the baton, I want to leave something that has meaning, and I hope my children will do the same. I want them to go out into the world and know that they don’t have to be the owners of a company that makes millions to be worth anything, but the meaning of success is in creating beautiful things ”.

The actress is a “goodwill ambassador” for the WFP of the United Nations for more than two years

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How was the past year for you and your family, and how did you manage to maintain an emotional balance?

“It was a period of ups and downs, like everyone else. I try to live one day at a time and do outdoor activities with my children during the day: the more sedentary we are, the worse we feel. The virus makes me angry, because you never know how it will affect, it is completely unpredictable. At the same time, understanding and accepting the unpredictable nature of life is very important. We are all mortal, and we must protect each other as much as possible ”.

Do you feel more politically confident with the Biden-Harris presidency?

“About politics I don’t like the fact that it can be very divisive and extreme. I come from a large family with different political ideas, yet we have always managed to love each other, so I know very well that you can live together even if you have different opinions. I love it when President Biden says he is everyone’s president, and I hope he will be. From social injustices to the health and education system, our country has a lot of work to do. Solution-oriented people don’t raise their voices, they listen more, and that’s the kind of help we need to get out of the pandemic. And like so many other women, on the inauguration day I thought, ‘Yes! finally, it was time ‘”.

Hudson helped launch the #CrossTheDistance campaign in November 2020 to raise money and raise awareness of the world’s worst hunger-related emergencies

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In the next few months you will be on Nichelle Tramble Spellman’s TV series Truth Be Told alongside Octavia Spencer, and in Ana Lily’s film Amirpour, Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon. In a sector like that of the cinema in which 4 men for each woman play key roles, is working with female directors a conscious decision you made?

“I love working with women (but also with men)! It is very important to me, but it has never been something conscious. With an actress and producer mother like Goldie Hawn, and her relationship with women like director Nancy Meyers, it’s a natural thing to me. As much as my mom is seen as a cheerful and carefree woman, I who grew up with her know that she works hard, and that she never lets herself be discouraged if she knows she can do something. Behind Truth Be Told there is a team of pretty tough women, and for me they have created a very interesting character. Anyone who has worked with Octavia before knows that there is no more wonderful, talented, intelligent and open woman in the world. I hope that the restrictions for Covid-19 will be lifted in time to be able to do a little tour and give some interviews together “.

What changes would you like to see in the film industry as it struggles to achieve gender equality?

“I wish there was a real balance, not a fake balance, and I believe that it can only be done by investing more in women’s work, the film Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins in 2017 is a prime example. When a company claims that its workforce is made up of 100 percent women, 100 percent black women, 100 percent Latin women, but then the board of directors and top managers are all men and whites, things absolutely must change. And how can we do it? Are there no other investors in the world who are not white men? I will commit myself with all my strength, whatever activity I do, and whatever film I make, to ask these questions, always, so that change can happen ”.

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