A debut in Italy new beauty box, which promises to be different from all the others. Its ambition and its goal is to inform, making you discover the latest beauty trends not only through the products present in it, but also through one online magazine and a digital platform with beauty content and reviews, let you discover the most interesting brands, and finally offer the possibility to buy their products through one online store, where it will be possible to find the brands discovered in the boxes.

Not only. Glowria doesn’t just focus on quality, but also on the quantity: inside the new beauty box you will not find the samples of beauty treatments (skincare, but also makeup and haircare) always and only in version full size, i.e. products in their sales format, so that they can be discovered with a daily use, which, moreover, is the only way to really evaluate their effectiveness.

In each box there are at least four products linked by a fil rouge that characterizes them, following a different theme each month. In addition to the monthly beauty boxes, Glowria also offers event boxes and limited editions on the store, to celebrate moments of the year and surprise its subscribers.

Glowria is the name of a confident young woman, frank, curious and always on the piece. He loves fashion and loves beauty, and most of all he is always looking for the latest trends, the new ones
more interesting brands and products that can make a difference. Glowria, however, does not keep to itself
his discoveries, indeed, he wants share them with all the other women. Why the community beauty that’s it,
a big family glowy. Glowria it’s you, it’s us, it’s me: the embodiment of all women in

For info on the new Glowria beauty box, visit www.glowria.com

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