Mr. Banksy, I assume. On the walls of the prison in Reading, England, it seems that a work of the famous and mysterious street artist has appeared. The style, the themes and above all the pungent irony seem to bear the signature of Banksy even if, currently, the “claim of the work” is missing.

In the stencil on the wall of the prison (abandoned since 2013) we see an inmate attempting the most classic of escapes clinging to a rope made from sheets. However, there is a peculiarity: at the end of one of the garments, there is a typewriter.

Many have seen in this image the metaphor of freedom of thought and ideas but above all a reference to one of the most famous prisoners in Reading prison: Oscar Wilde.
It was in Reading, in fact, that the master of dramaturgy was imprisoned and served hard labor for his homosexuality.

Waiting to find out if Banksy is really the author of the work, many are already beginning to think that the choice of Reading prison as a “canvas” is no coincidence: Reading, in fact, was put up for sale in 2019 and in many have already moved to transform it into a cultural hub. Could the mural be a kind of first step?

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