There is an air of showdown in the royal family. After the recent stances of His Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II against Harry and Meghan, now also al Prince Andrew will have to pay the penalty of his actions.

In fact, it is learned that the Duke of York will not be present at the parade of Trooping The Color, an event that every year celebrates the queen’s birthday. The decision is sensational not so much for Andrea’s “family” role as for the fact that the Duke should necessarily be present as a representative of the armed forces and, specifically, as a colonel in the Grenadiers Guards. According to rumors, his role will in fact be held during the parade by Major General Roland Walker, a veteran of the conflict in Afghanistan.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew

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It is since November 2019 that Andrea has decided to retire from public life, after the Epstein scandal engulfed him finding him unprepared also and above all in the management of his public image with an interview that has now sadly made history, casting a shadow of embarrassment on the entire English royal family.

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It is not clear, however, if Andrea will be completely “removed” from the celebrations or if, although he is not present in an official capacity, he is not on the usual balcony to attend the ceremony privately. On the other hand this Trooping The Color it will be, for the anti-coronavirus rules, necessarily in a reduced form which could, if not justify, certainly make the absence of the prince less evident. What appears probable is that in this 2021 there are “movements” of settling the image of the royals, a sort of compacting of the ranks. Is there a handover in sight?

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