The V of Valentino is projected on the red and empty armchairs of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatrouropa. The well-known Maison has reconfirmed its presence at the Milan Fashion Week and it did so with a very specific intent, that of supporting Italian culture and theater.

The eyes on the stage are missing, the music that envelops the room is missing, the warmth of the hands that applaud is missing. There theatrical community suffers and not only for those in the sector who cannot perform and express themselves, but also for the public who is always hungry for beauty and reflections.

In order not to forget what theater and theatrical culture mean, Pierpaolo Piccioli has chosen to present the new collection Valentino Act Collection right inside one of the most important symbols of Milan, the historic stage built by Paolo Grassi and Giorgio Strehler, Italian theater director, actor and artistic director. “We are sincerely happy that Valentino has chosen the Piccolo Teatro di Milano as the setting for the Valentino Act Collection“- declared Claudio Longhi, Director of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano – “And we are also grateful for the attention and support that the Maison wished to give to the important project of digital cataloging of the precious heritage of theatrical costumes of our theater. Like Valentino, the Piccolo interprets an idea of ​​culture, in which craftsmanship and art confront each other, recognizing themselves in an identical matrix. Finally, we believe it is important to underline how the dialogue between two excellences lays solid foundations for the relaunch of culture and the rebirth of Milan, so severely tested by a year of health emergency.“.

Valentino Act Collection

The punk aesthetic is not only told through the family “stud “ of Valentino: it becomes a fundamental theme of this new collection presented in Milan. The use of studs means unconventional expressiveness and here it takes on a subtle sign to define the new Valentino community. In times of crisis, we return to consult punk: Pierpaolo Piccioli rejuvenates the look of the subversive anarchist by combining it with couture codes of the maison, use romantic-bourgeois elements such as worked surfaces (embroidery, inlays and carvings), artfully cut garments and the flowing lines of precious fabrics.

Thus a versatile daywear wardrobe for the occasion, where men and women use the same garments according to a completely personal and unique interpretation. Note the clean “cut” that shows the body, for a conscious and never ostentatious sensuality: these are the looks with miniskirt and mini dress, also worn with very high heels.

Romantic elements and details are mixed in a single show punk: the net is a clear reference to this culture that allows a punctual interplay of superimpositions, revealing only some parts of the body. The climax is there net jumpsuit made exclusively by Wolford for Valentino: fishnet tights become a second skin that plays with the transparencies of chiffon evening dresses.

The use of color is important, which here is completely essential, reduced to a color palette two tone: the optical and the check translate the dichotomy of black and white, at times illuminated by metal plates and gold details.

Alessandro Gaggio’s jewels

After the Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2015 collection, Alessandro Gaggio returns to collaborate with the Maison to create the jewels of the Valentino Act Collection. The multifaceted artist, protagonist of the underground cultural scene of the 80s, has shaped enigmatic creatures suspended between the macabre and the ironic. Fantastic animals born to amaze and attract the viewer.

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