Dolce & Gabbana presents the women’s collection autumn winter 2021 2022, with a parade without an audience at the Metropol, at the end of the final day of the Milan Fashion Week.

This collection is a new chapter for us. We wanted to explore something current, we were very inspired by technology and, together with the Italian Institute of Technology, we wanted to create a dialogue between tradition and innovationThey commented Domenico Dolce is Stefano Gabbana during the press conference.

On the catwalk, with the 140 looks from the Next Chapter collection, in addition to the models – including many faces of street casting – a series of humanoid robots equipped with artificial intelligence participate in the show. «Today technology is at the base of everything, tradition has no sense without innovation, moreover, it must be remembered that behind these robots that inspired us there are always great men.», Underline the stylists who, already three years ago, with the FW18-19 collection, brought gods flying drones on the catwalk.

In this period we have been able to meet a new digital generation through social media, we reflected on the tradition of handmade and craftsmanship, combined with technological innovation. We fished out archival garments and reinterpreted them with innovative fabrics, plant materials, 3D prints, luminescent yarns never used in fashion and a mix of wool and cellophane or polystyrene, as they did in the late 1980s when we mixed wool and sponge or foam rubber. “

A technological hand made

The fall winter 2021 2022 women’s collection alternates PVC and coated fabrics with Tecnicolor pixel prints; embroideries of colored crystals and feathers are mixed with graffiti motifs and multicolor paint splashes; the lace and transparencies of Dolce & Gabbana lingerie meet transparent plexi; the maison’s spotted pattern is reproduced in luminescent macro jacquard or printed on very shiny vinyl; coated denim is worn with crystal mesh garments while patchwork motifs are combined with glitter tulle.

«What interests us most is dialogue with the new generation. Young people today are very fascinated by the imagery of the 90s, from top models, from the sexy of corsetry. We took up many Dolce & Gabbana garments from that decade such as the corsets of Prince, the body of Madonna, the crystals of Naomi and the golden chains of Linda. “

Sporty and streetwear style look – like the bomber jackets decorated with patches and the T-shirts printed with the words “TOP MODEL” – alternate with minidress jewel and 90s silhouette – including jacket dresses with pronounced shoulders, decorated with eye-catching golden zips.

The robots on the catwalk showcase the bags of the season with oversized details, while boots and chunky sneakers alternate at the feet of the models. All looks are completed with showy bijoux with crystals, pearls and metal chains and maxi goggles or transparent visors that exude a sense of protection we got used to living with due to the pandemic.

Today’s young people have a freer approach to fashion that reflects the most authentic spirit of Dolce & Gabbana. The new generations know the language to move forward, with this show we want to open up to a world that is coming“.

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