A punctual, acute choice that wants to pay homage to that creative and cultural partnership that united in the 1930s Coco Chanel to Duke Fulco di Verdura: we are talking about the bracelets worn by Julia Garner on the occasion of the virtual red carpet of the Golden Globe 2021. In detail it is a pair of cuff of black enamel on which stand two important Maltese crosses composed of black briolette diamonds, white diamonds, white and Tahitian cultured pearls, whose two-tone color harmonizes with the Prada dress.

Six jewelry sported by the actress, known for her role as Ruth Langmore in the television series Ozark, are a contemporary piece of the capsule collection celebrating the80th anniversary of Verdura, the features refer to iconic jewelry that the Sicilian duke himself designed for his friend and French designer.

Known on the occasion of a Venetian dance, the two immediately created a particular understanding that leads to an intertwined relationship between affection and work. After some designs for the world of textiles, Coco sniffs her passion for the world of jewelry and so the well-known are born cuff bracelets. In 1934 Verdura set on a pair of white enamel cuffs the two Maltese crosses that the designer received as a gift from one of her lovers, Duke Dimitri of Russia: an important, bold and even a little risky design that strikes Mademoiselle Chanel so much so that he will use them so immoderately that he consumes their edges.

The success continues, because Verdura’s jewels are particularly appreciated by Diana Vreeland – who collects her brooches, pinning them almost everywhere on her clothes – and conquers the hearts of Hollywood divas: “In front of the camera the Hollywood divas wear Cartier and Tiffany, but behind they choose Fulco di Verdura”, As Tara Mulholland recalled in the New York Times.

Today the original bracelets made by the Sicilian count for Coco Chanel are found in the Verdura brand’s showroom-museum, on the 12th floor at 745 Fifth Avenue, while this look chosen by Julia Garner for Golden Globe 2021 makes us savor all the glamor of great American divas, also recently mentioned by Jeremy Scott in Moschino FW 2021 video.

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