Holidays Pet Friendly?

The time when dogs were abandoned on the highway would seem to be over. Or at least, we like to imagine that this is the case by reading a report by Airbnb in which we discover that since the beginning of the year, searches for accommodation with filter “animals admittedthe”.
Have we, at least on this issue, become more responsible? Has caring for an animal become a responsible choice and no longer just a season-long whim (usually not summer)?
We hope, even if deep down we know very well that there is still much, much to be done on this dramatic phenomenon, which is why the campaigns against abandonment are always particularly active (theEnpa-National Animal Protection Body in fact denounces the worrying number of large-sized four-legged friends left on the street).

Aware that every battle must be carried on with tenacity, without ever losing faith in possible change of people, let’s move our thoughts for a moment on the positive aspect that is reported to us: Italy is the most pet-friendly destination in Europe.
Finally a record to boast of and not the usual reproach that makes us cherish the idea of ​​moving elsewhere.
No, not this time.
I’m over 130 thousand accommodations are available that welcome bipeds and non-bipeds. At the same time, searches for accommodation where animals are welcome are increasing as far as the eye can see (over 65% more in 2021 than last year). Perhaps we are deeply grateful to them for the possibilities they have provided us with taking us for a “walk” through the red zone?
We just have to give you some tips for a pet-friendly holiday suggested by the vet Kate Bruce and tell you which houses in Italy in this sense are most coveted by owners and, who knows, perhaps even by their dogs. We will ask him as soon as possible, we promise.

Zuleika house, in Quattropani, Sicily.
Located in one of the highest points on the island of Lipari, with a direct view of Salina, Filicudi and Alicudi, it is a breathtaking balcony overlooking the sea that offers dreamy sunsets every day. You are one step away from the sea, remember that if your puppy cannot (understandably) refrain from swimming with you, it is good to rinse off the salt at the end of the day, because it could promote the development of infections.

The Grillo, in Spongano, in Puglia
Hidden in an enchanting olive grove, take a dip in nature without sacrificing the wonderful beaches of Salento located a few kilometers away. The large house (230 square meters) is complete with the comforts you have always dreamed of: from table tennis to bbq and wood-burning oven.
But, the vet reminds us, “even though the holiday diet may tickle your pets’ taste buds, be careful not to offer them unfamiliar foods. Rather, pack some of their favorite dishes, preferably healthy “.

Romantic detached chalet in the clouds, in Bellegra, in Lazio.
Surrounded as in a fairytale by olive groves, vineyards and centuries-old oaks, you will be in a very bright park just 60 km from Rome. Immersed in relaxation, you can enjoy a stay with a privileged point of view together with your pets.
Dogs are very curious and love to observe the movements of nature. Not to mention the cats.

Antico Borgo Ripostena – 11, Barn in Casole d’Elsa, in Tuscany
You are in a rural style apartment in the heart of Tuscany, in the ancient village of Ripostena, in the province of Siena. From the panoramic terrace you can let yourself be enveloped by the hills.
“Your dogs and cats will love this house where they too can rest and sunbathe. Make sure you keep them well hydrated with lots of bowls of water ”.

Cabin in the forest, in San Genesio Atesino, in Trentino-Alto Adige
A small house immersed in the woods 15 minutes by car from Bolzano, a romantic nest with a terrace overlooking 6 thousand square meters of garden. You can organize a thousand and a thousand walks with your four-legged friends.
“This stay is great for the most active animals, who like to explore nature, feel the smells and sounds of the local fauna”.

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