TV series Netflix: 5 titles not to be missed in March 2021

Spring is already in the air and, of course, on streaming platforms where breezes of news cheer the longest but also the most restless days with marathons due to the health emergency. To dominate the scene of the richest offer think once again Netflix, which offers varied and captivating titles, both on the film side and on the TV series. Some new entries worthy of the name, however, also arrive on Disney + (which focuses everything on the Marvel universe with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), on TIMVision (which relaunches with Quiz, the true story of the controversial victory to the English version of Chi Does he want to be a millionaire ?, with Michael Sheen) and on Starzplay (which on March 14 will offer the Israeli series The Attaché on the value of multi-ethnicity).
The Netflix TV series that are about to debut actually do not follow the themes of the month, such as March 8 or Father’s Day, but range between human emotions, in a transversal way and on different genres, from family drama to the crime, come on stories in costume to those science fiction.

Here are five absolutely unmissable ones coming in the coming weeks.

1. The Almost Perfect Couple (March 12)

The almost perfect couple was born from the novel by John Marrs (Newton Compton Editori) and investigates the possibility that the soul mate can be discovered with a test (with premises similar to Soulmates). The woman at the head of the company that manages the surprising discovery is called Rebecca and is played by Hannah Ware with all the shades of ambiguity that can be attributed to a single human being. In the society of the future, in fact, it is genetics that answers every question of the human race, even when we are not talking about science in the strict sense but about relationships. Mind and soul, in short, are encapsulated in a certain DNA sequence that explains a certain propensity to fall in love with a particular individual. The economic and ethical consequences of the discovery are destined to change interpersonal relationships forever.

2. Sky Rojo (March 19)

If the female criminal tale of Vis à Vis was not enough, keep an eye on the new serial story born from the brilliant mind of Alex Pina (creator also of The paper house). This time the action takes place outside the prison and involves three Hispanic-speaking prostitutes fleeing their patron in search of freedom. This kind of escape for Carol, Wendy and Gina takes the form of a giant mass of problems and unexpected events. It is a desperate search for survival because the alternative does not seem viable. Other than Charlie’s Angels: these three badass babes beat mercenaries and snipers without ever a moment of peace. On the other hand, contacting the police is out of the question.

3. Country comfort (March 19)

Katharine McPhee and music have been a winning combination since the world of seriality discovered it in SMASH (after the success of American Idol). Now the 36-year-old and new mom returns with a comedy as Bailey, who dreams of making it as a country singer but works as a nanny for a single father with five dependent children. If the plot seems vaguely familiar, the reason is simple: the story is produced by Caryn Lucas, one of the names that led to the success. The nanny. Similarities aside, the project is sparkling and carefree, full of funny gags, funny misunderstandings and a pinch of romance. On the other hand, it’s hard to take your eyes off a sexy parent like cowboy Beau (Eddie Cibrian), even if he’s busy, and besides, the protagonist is also engaged to Boone (Eric Balfour). Who knows if the couples will remain close or not …

Do you prefer time series? The saga of the Tudor queens is served

4. The Baker Street Irregulars (March 26)

Let’s put aside for a moment the most recent forays into Baker Street 21B in London, in the footsteps of the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, or the irreverent version of Robert Downey Jr in the cinema, the bizarre one of Benedict Cumberbatch (in Sherlock) and the psychedelic one of Jonny Lee Miller (in Elementary). This time the reinterpretation of the famous detective Holmes (this time played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes) promises very gothic and disturbing tones, practically horror. The protagonists this time are the Irregulars, henchmen on the investigator’s payroll who, on the margins of society, set out on the trail of crimes to be solved. Not ordinary crimes, of course, but events with a supernatural taste.

The Baker Street Irregulars

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5. Yes day (March 12)

The recipe for a full day of good humor and lightheartedness comes directly from the family experience of Jennifer Garner, thanks to the novel of the same name by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. This family-sized adventure starts from a simple yet revolutionary idea: when a parent grants 24 uninterrupted hours of “yes” to all the requests of the children, anything can happen. The actress plays Allison, happily married to Carlos (Edgar Ramirez) and mother of three restless and rowdy children: in her youth she was always open to any adventure, but with maturity she learned to put the handbrake on, with caution. The “yes day” changes the situation, with a good dose of adorable disasters, of course …

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