Open campaign. Life that flows slowly. A life of contemplation, between reading, planning and gardening. Outside only the sound of the horses running. At a distance the echo of a dream that culminates in an embrace. That embrace that has been denied us since the pandemic began. To tell it is Embrace the video of Luisa Beccaria introducing the collection Fall Winter 2021 2022 on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week. Fashion, as always in history, has responded to the latest events and the fashion designer has interpreted the need for warmth and comfort of this period without departing from her unique style, with proposals inspired by the most refined country-chic, where dreamy floral midi dresses are combined with tricot and knitted garments, in a magical and dreamy mix and match. We interviewed her to find out more.

How did you spend your time after the pandemic arrived? And how did it influence you from a creative point of view?
“I spent most of my time in Sicily at the Castelluccio with my husband and one of my children. For me, in a way, it was an extraordinary period of reflection. I am not just a designer but a 360 ° creative and I feel the continuous need, the need, to exercise my creativity in different fields. I worked, of course, on the new collection but not only… While I was in Sicily, we renovated two new spaces within our property and I tested myself as an interior designer, and I loved it. I also designed a new garden for some friends who own a property in Panarea, because landscape design has always fascinated me too. Living in contact with nature and seeing how, despite everything, it was reborn and regenerated through the flowering of new buds and new flowers was a great comfort to me. It is a great message of hope ”.

How has your fashion changed after the arrival of the pandemic? How did you manage to combine elegance and comfort?
“These months have also been very useful for rethinking and making our collections even more contemporary. I thought a lot about the concept of embrace, in a broad and not just a physical sense, to find a contact, a connection with nature and one’s spirit. After all, clothes are the first hug we receive as soon as we wake up. Comfort has always been central to us. This is why we thought of cubs and socks, both with minute and floral patterns, to be worn under dresses. A caress, a cuddle that allows you to wear even the coldest fabrics with ease. We added cozy and enveloping outerwear, thick tweed coats with intricate weaves and embroidered details, slightly deconstructed mohair capes to wear with woolen hats and hoods. Furthermore, we wanted to work on a more sustainable collection, reducing the number of samples and extending the life of our clothes. ‘Embrace’, the video project through which we present the new season, was shot in the enchanted scenery of a dreamlike winter nature, in the Oltrepò between Lombardy and Piedmont, that of the familiar landscapes of my childhood. Within this frame, our couture style is transformed into a refined slow-fashion, which mixes iconic creations of the past while looking at the present. The quality of the clothes, their materials, durability and timeless style thus embody the concept of ‘responsible luxury’, green and sustainable, which embraces a lifestyle free from the logic of consumption. The concept of elegance and femininity that has always been dear to us, between flowers and lightness, is actualized in garments that are born, or reborn, to become true ‘friends in the closet’. A style that is the opposite of that of slow fashion. Reuse and recovery are the keywords, because a well-made dress always remains current and can still be contemporary thanks to a well-chosen styling and combining the right accessories “.

Let’s look now the key-looks of the collection close.

The chiffon dress is worn with leggings featuring the same floral pattern.

The loungewear suit declined in fine yarns is one of the garments that best represent the collection, so suspended between elegance and comfort.

Outerwear is also central to the collection. The must-have pieces? The tweed coat and hooded cape.

The look is completed by socks with micro floral patterns and midi gloves. For the evening the Mary Janes take the place of the calosce.

Even the evening dress is combined with floral cubs and rubber caloshes.

The colors of nature are the absolute protagonists of the collection – like green. The looks are completed by wool cardigans embellished with embroidery.

Watch ‘Embrace’, the video featuring the Luisa Beccaria Fall Winter 2021 2022 collection.

Discover the whole Luisa Beccaria Fall Winter 2021 2022 collection presented at Milan fashion week in our gallery.

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