At Milan Fashion Week 2021, the Vivetta collection for AI told by the designer, with the key-looks not to be missed

The surrealist world of Vivetta arrives at Milan Fashion Week with a collection that celebrates nature and the enchanting beauty of flowers, light that can bring order to our chaos. We we interviewed the brand’s fashion designer, Vivetta Ponti, to find out more about the process that gave birth to the new garments.

How has the difficult period we are experiencing due to the pandemic influenced you from a creative point of view?
“In this now incessant period of difficulty, I felt the need to find my freedom of expression, a way to escape from reality by loading it with new concepts. A reality capable of going ‘beyond’ appearances. For this reason I chose to shoot with Paul Kooiker, Dutch artist-photographer, recognized for his shots that can be both fascinating and mysterious at the same time. A photographer outside the box and at the same time very attached to language. His works do not aim at an objective portrait of reality: rather, the atmosphere that results from his shots seems that of memories. His photographs are taken simply using a mobile phone “.

What inspired you this season?
“From the will and desire to overcome the contingency of current reality up to the search for harmony, references to the artistic current of the 90s of Oltrism are born, a balance in continuous vibration, like a scale where there is madness in a plate , and in the other, rationality. Vivetta is inspired by this current, with her own personal reading, and in particular by one of the ‘Explosion of an Energetic Flower’ poster: the flower, reinterpreted in the graphics of a 90s manga fable. The garments are sometimes decorated with braids, almost like Victorian jewels, which are also a symbol of freedom: the freedom of every woman to be able to express herself and get lost in the impetus of her passion. We should always fight for it, trying to live with stubbornness, in a carefree way “.

What are the key-looks of the collection according to Vivetta Ponti?
“The inlaid down jacket with an archival floral print distorted in an illusionistic way through the graphics of a 90s manga fairy tale.

The polo shirt in soft mohair to which an identical polo shirt in a contrasting color with a trompe-l’oeil effect is applied on the front.

The short babydoll with a honeycomb yoke studded with rhinestones.

The fur with micro-frills in dégradé tulle that reproduces the design of a heart “.

Look at the complete gallery dedicated to the collection Fall Winter 2021 2022 by Vivetta.

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