Horoscope of March 2021

Einstein was most likely right in thinking that it was much easier to break an atom than prejudice. Even the zodiac signs are victims of stereotypes and dubious truths (more or less astrological) that deserve to be seen more closely. To demonstrate that alternative readings exist, and perhaps try to scale them down.


Aggressive and combative – Really? Perhaps he is just hyperactive, perhaps his important strength only pushes him to react to something that seems wrong to him, perhaps to a wrong or an injustice.

He doesn’t care about the consequences – He certainly lives in a hurry (little time to reflect) but it is a profoundly loyal and sincere sign towards the people he loves, towards his neighbor.

Inconsistent focus on goals – Yes, he has a problem with speed, but he can generally understand everything just as quickly, going further. It is not irresponsible.

Lady Gaga and Ewan McGregor, Aries

© Aries – Lady Gaga, Ewan McGregor


Greedy and materialistic – He certainly attaches great importance to goods and comforts, but he knows how to be truly generous and surprise with his ability to nurture (in all senses) the people he loves.

Lazy and lethargic – He prefers to work hard, perhaps without being noticed too much, to then arrive with a result. The Taurus proves to have a great resistance to fatigue, a lot of tenacity.

Conservative and reactionary – he’s really just very pragmatic, and if something works then he can easily become a real progressive. His fixed nature makes him prefer what he knows.


They are serial liars – There are so many truths and ideas in the mind of a Gemini that it would be impossible to tell them all. They get distracted to elaborate, they give different versions to understand.

Calculators and opportunists – they actually struggle to stick to at least one program at a time as their minds try to tidy up. They just try to orient themselves in mental chaos.

Superficial – True, they often struggle to investigate, but because of their very high speed of thought. In reality they know how to be profound, although they don’t always manifest it openly.

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Fragile and hypersensitive – Yes, but they are also extremely resilient and not so weak, not always exposed to emotions or wounds that come from outside. They know how to protect themselves from those who agitate or depress them.

Depressed and withdrawn – They know how to live their interior dimension particularly well, but not out of weakness or sadness, but out of free and conscious choice.

Reserved and uncommunicative – Perhaps their way of staying in touch with others is more emotional and intuitive. They certainly know how to be reserved, which can also be a quality.


They always feel at the center of everything – Maybe yes, but they also do it when it comes to helping or taking responsibility, when it would not be convenient to do so.

Huge self-esteem – In perennial competition, Leo can easily develop great insecurities or not feel up to it. In short, he is aware of his limitations, which he tries to hide.

They aspire to be the leaders – They are certainly ambitious but also very respectful of those who have a higher position than theirs, towards whom they will show great loyalty. A healthy, fair competition.


Neat and meticulous – But not necessarily in a manic way, but as a response to a chaos that would lead to nothing interesting. In short, they only make a choice of common sense.

Stubbornly logical – Not everyone knows that Virgos often feel at ease even when dealing with issues such as spirituality, or the metaphysical dimension. Logical but certainly not obtuse.

Emotional coldness – They do not want to appear weak or unstable, thus preferring to obviate emotions with logic. They can actually develop a strong inner tension, which they don’t show.

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They repress emotions to protect balance – False! Sometimes they can really let themselves get emotionally involved in situations and realities that they feel are close, important.

They can’t be alone – They love company but often judge sociality as exhausting (because they have to defend the balance in every situation). They also appreciate empty spaces, solitude.

They tend to want to see only the bright side of things – Would that be a flaw? Someone accuses them of always wearing pink glasses, but they have no choice, because the alternative would be pessimism, better not.

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Detached and self isolated – Sometimes they prefer to disappear because they are afraid of hurting themselves or those close to them. Self-control can become a problem, so it’s best to avoid.

Insensitive and calculating – It happens that when they pursue a goal they need to be totally focused on it, so they don’t have too much attention to devote to others.

Cruel and treacherous – The fact is that they are extremely intuitive and empathetic, which is why they can be very selective and direct with certain people who do not seem to want or be able to collaborate.


Always optimistic and in a great mood – True because they are jovial (dominated by Jupiter), but their search for the transcendent often prompts them to ask themselves important questions, with periods in which they are more reflective, even vaguely melancholy.

Free and carefree – In spite of the enthusiastic look, they too take many issues or problems seriously, so they are not always so light or distracted. They just don’t like to appear worried, thoughtful.

Unable to make a commitment – Certainly their nature always pushes them elsewhere, which is why bonds and commitments can easily become unbearable. But the passion that drives them allows them to focus on something they like, that interests them.

Zoe Kravitz and Jay-Z, Sagittarius

© Sagittarius – Zoe Kravitz, Jay-Z


Rigid and conservative – Despite the very austere look, they need who or what makes you laugh, feel good, even dream. They also possess a keen sense of irony that leads them to laugh at reality.

Employees from work – That is what the Anglo-Saxons call workhaolic. This is partly true (Saturn makes you responsible), but it doesn’t mean that they are not interested in all other areas of life.

Emotionally detached – Lunar exile makes them not emotionally empathetic. In reality many Capricorns are extremely sensitive and charged with emotions, they just don’t really like to show it publicly. What would they think?


Quirky and unpredictable – Surely it is a sign that loves intelligence very much and is not afraid to dare. But Aquarians know when to stop, when it’s time to change course so as not to do damage.

Detached and lonely – Despite a large number of contacts and acquaintances, Aquarians are extremely selective with the people they associate with. Ending up not hanging out with too many people.

Emotional coldness – Emotions are a reflection of the ego, and since, in this sign, the ego is much less important than for other signs, the passions and movements of the soul become lukewarm. But that doesn’t mean insensitivity.


Emotional and emotionally dependent – They sure have something to say about it, but often they just get through certain emotions, getting rid of them faster than other signs do.

Prone to alcohol or strange substances – The need for escapes, with the mind and the imagination, is strong, but this does not mean that it must be artificially constructed. They already have a lot of imagination which helps them escape.

Liars and ambiguous – They simply love to adapt the truth to what they feel and prefer, coloring everything. But without wanting to offend or hurt anyone, never in bad faith or to do harm.

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