Not only does fashion pass and change, but also needs change following the flow of contemporaneity. On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week we met Mireia Lopez Montoya, Bulgari Leather Goods & Accessories Managing Director, who told us not only about the new collection of bags autumn winter 2021 2022 signed Bulgarians but also new desires and needs. The desire to feel unique and the search for “beautiful and well done”, engines of the Rebirth.

What is beauty today? How has it changed in this last year?
Despite the historical moment we are experiencing, I do not think that beauty has changed values ​​compared to the past, it simply evolves with the times. It was in the past and remains even more so now, a fundamental engine of rebirth, because beauty allows us to have a satisfied look. It is noticed by all, welcomed by all. The step forward we are taking today is not to speak only of external beauty, but also of internal beauty, in all its facets. Then even what is only apparently accessory becomes an integral part of the person because it is conceived according to new needs and ways of living daily. Today more than ever the wearing of the accessory is essential. Today, more than ever, fashion is the stimulus to return to go out and start again, to regain possession of one’s own spaces, of the city. With the autumn winter 2021 2022 21 Oasis we want to emphasize a more daily approach. A more complete portability that does not give up excellent details of uniqueness and craftsmanship, but making them suitable for every day and for every occasion. It is a collection dedicated to all women who dream of regaining their lives, their spaces and their desires, focused on metamorphosis, a theme that has always been part of Bulgari’s DNA through the iconic Serpenti head. Its transformative power takes shape through amplified proportions, combinations of unconventional materials, maxi elements and playful details, but also through key motifs that are part of the brand’s creative heritage, reinterpreted in a fresh and unexpected way.

Bulgari which is an excellence in the world of luxury chooses raffia, a simple but poor material, to create the new collection. What does it mean? How did you use it?
The choice of raffia is more linked to Bvlgari’s passion for using unconventional materials. In the past it often happened in jewelry through the introduction of porcelain and wood and in watches with rubber. In the world of accessories, raffia enters as a definitely unexpected material, but suitable for change, for metamorphosis. Thanks to a special braiding technique it becomes incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch, showing its exceptional quality also in terms of manufacturing. Raffia becomes a material to play with, to be embellished with the addition of the iconic snake head as a closure and ideal for a more urban wearability.

If I say “necessary luxury” what do you think? What does this word “luxury” mean today?
Luxury is the maximum expression of the concept of beauty. It can be the result of experience as well as mastery in the technical execution of a product and when the desire for beauty is satisfied through a product, this is luxury. I believe that today more than ever luxury is in the history of the product, in the hands that make it, in the choice of materials, in the craftsmanship and creativity that make it unique. Luxury is being able to tell all this to the customer who chooses it, making him participate. Seen from the side of the brand, luxury today for Bulgari means returning to the origins of artisanal savoir faire, of beauty and well-made. Never stop making your customers feel “unique”.

The chain is a functional element that also becomes decorative and almost identifying in this collection, I am referring to the Bulgari Logo Bag. Can you give us some details about the realization of the tote bag?
Chains are certainly one of the most distinctive elements of this collection. In this too we wanted to talk about metamorphosis. The chains are no longer used only to carry the accessory, as parts of the shoulder strap, but to decorate it and make it precious. Single. In the case of the Serpenti Maxi Chain, for example, the inspiration comes from the iconic and voluminous curb chain that has characterized some of the brand’s most legendary jewels. Transforming itself into a maxi jewel-detail, the chain motif is also the hallmark of the new Bvlgari Logo bag. In this case we are talking about a tote bag that wants to be practical in shape and size, but at the same time does not give up an elegant and casual touch, a rich and sophisticated manufacture. To create the legendary BVLGARI logo, which we have always considered a real design element, two different sizes of chains were used, one for the logo and one for the frames, all assembled by an expert craftsman and set as if it were a precious gems. In the Serpenti Cabochon, the chain accentuates the bold and versatile character of the bag. In fact, it can wrap the arm to wear the creation as a jewel-clutch, or serve as an ultra-elegant handle for hand portability. It becomes a precious decoration on the body of the bag, new and ultra soft in calfskin and quilted in a graphic pattern that perfectly enhances the soft texture, ingeniously obtained by Bvlgari artisans through the overlapping of 8 layers of high-tech foam, which volume and shape.

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