Discover enemies, make allies. While on the one hand it seems to grow the voltage on the line of descent direct between Harry and Meghan with Queen Elizabeth II and William and Kate, on the other it seems that the dukes of Sussex can count, if not on their brothers, at least on their cousins. Specifically, as some rumors close to the royals say, it seems that Meghan has found in Eugenia a friend and a confidant like she never had in the rest of the royal family.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank


The relationship between the two couples, that of the dukes and that of the princess and her husband Jack Brooksbank, would have tightened further following the birth of Eugenia’s first child and the announcement of Meghan’s second pregnancy. According to what the usual “well-informed” rumors report, in fact, Meghan and Eugenia would have confided to each other the respective dates of birth of the children and, even, Meghan and Harry would have announced the expectation of Archie to the family right at the princess’s wedding.

The friendship between the couples, however, seems to be long-standing: again according to what is reported in Finding Freedom, the truth book about the Dukes of Sussex, before Meghan’s friend, Eugenia was a great confidant of Harry. As grandchildren of the queen, in fact, their bond went far beyond the family one to become true friendship and Harry often consulted his cousin also (and above all) for matters of the heart.

Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie

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It is therefore no coincidence that Harry and Meghan have chosen to “sell” their home to cousins for the arrival of their first child. And it is not certain that Eugenia is not the key to easing the tensions in the royal family a little.

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