Missoni presents the 2021 collection

Will we still be enchanted by trends or will we focus on a longer lasting “capsule” wardrobe? On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week we met Angela Missoni, third child of Ottavio and Rosita, who has steered “family business” into the new millennium, giving new impetus and vigor to the brand that has helped to raise the value of Made in Italy. From a small workshop with only three knitting machines to shops around the world: i Missoni have revolutionized the knitwear and have made a contribution to loungewear, as we know it (and appreciate it today).

Read the interview and watch the video – exclusively for Vogue – showing the 2021 collection

How has fashion changed in the last year and in particular the relationship with the dress worn?
We need to take a step back and have a more complete vision of fashion: before 2000 each decade was defined with very specific and recognizable elements and trends; from 2000 to 2019 we witnessed a corroborating expression of the “self” through the mix and match of elements that belonged to past and different eras, always looking for a unique and personal look. With 2020, not only has a new decade begun but we have witnessed a substantial change: the lockdown has profoundly affected our lives, as has fashion. Loungewear garments and accessories expressed a need, that of dressing comfortably and made their appearance in our wardrobe, in our daily life.

Let’s talk about loungewear: from a timid reality to a trend that profoundly marked the last year …
Exactly, and Missoni has certainly been ahead of its time. I recently found an interview with my father in which he stated that in twenty years we would have chosen a more comfortable clothing, especially the suit. He said it, a man who used to wear it. It was 1983. Comfort is in Missoni’s DNA, just as it is in knitwear.

We live in a dark moment. Will we still want to choose clothes and wear colors?
The time will come when we will want to wear something new and different. It will be a beautiful momentum and will coincide with a new fundamental step because it will mean that everything we are experiencing is definitively past. Colors, however, cannot disappear: they help us to face tomorrow with courage.

There collection you presented with this short film it does not have a specific seasonality, it represents a complete wardrobe – spring, summer, autumn, winter – that wants to last over time. Two aspects emerge, one linked to the concept of sustainability, the other to emotional memory …
I have always supported the idea that Missoni is one of the most sustainable companies precisely because our garments last over time. We are trends, originality and quality together: all this allows us to always be “fashion” and never leave the wardrobe. Our garments are part of the history of those who choose and wear them. A sort of “time capsule”.

What is Missoni’s “time capsule”?
The Missoni cardigan is a garment that never goes out of fashion and can accompany you throughout your life. Mine, however, is a black trench coat with white zig-zag which I pleasantly noticed is the same as Meryl Streep. The actress has shown a particular affection for this Missoni outerwear, because she has worn it several times in a very extended period of time, and interpreted it in a completely different way depending on the occasion, from the press conference to free time.

What are the challenges you have had to face in this format change, from fashion show to short film?
Less adrenaline and without the unknown of what can happen on the catwalk: I remember perfectly Gisele Bündchen (in the spring summer 2003 collection, ed), who walks with a firm step despite the broken sandal. I am still impressed by his professionalism, how he walked nonchalantly. The short film has a completely different production, you shoot for hours and then edit a video of a few minutes, a content that is no longer just for the insiders but that is seen directly by customers and leverages their emotions.

The centenary of Ottavio Missoni’s birth has just passed. What was a thought or a lesson that served you to face this period?
My father has always had a very precise vision: his history and his experience have been a continuous training for life itself. This allowed him to grasp the good that exists, with great clarity. I think about how he would have faced this period: with the Gazzetta dello Sport, a book or crossword puzzles, sitting in an armchair or engaged in some physical exercise. Patient, with his colored sweater and sweatpants, would have said “If there is a solution why are you worried? If there is no solution why are you worried? ”.

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