In 2013 the line was born Chanel Le Lift, a line of highly performing anti-aging treatments that favor naturalness. The new products Le Lift Lotion is Le Lift Sérum (actually already existing today back in its improved version, ed), which complete the line, become the protagonists of the skincare routine: with their anti-aging action released by the magnetic water complex, composed of mimetic elements of the skin, like a magnet, they capture and retain water molecules for a’intense hydration and lasting of the epidermis.

Another precious ingredient is the Alfalfa Botanical Concentrate: it is a plant grown in France by agriculture, organic is associated with the preventive efficacy of Black Peppermint Complex, whose antioxidant action is as effective as that of C vitamin containing active ingredients that combined with a remodeling gesture, smoothes, firms and strengthens the skin day after day.

LE LIFT and gestures for perfect skin

Composed from 93% of natural ingredients, the Chanel Le Lift formula gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and long-term hydration for an immediate smoothing action on the skin.

There gestures it is a very important ritual and should be adopted every day for about 5 minutes. Isn’t it always possible? The advice is to perform it at least once a week during the daily application, morning and evening, of the product.

Together with beauty expert manager Chanel we had the opportunity to discover the most suitable gestures to adopt in your beauty routine using the Le Lift line, in particular the novelties of this early year 2021, that is, Le Lift Sérum which is perfected, to be even more effective, able to offer an answer more focused with a lifting effect and Le Lift Lotion, a beauty ritual anti age necessary to give maximum brightness to the skin.

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