A special tribute to Beppe Modenese, Honorary President of the Chamber of Fashion since 1995, who passed away on November 21, 2020: this is how, on February 24, the Milan Fashion Week. With the film “21 novembre 2020” by Beniamino Barrese, produced by The Blink Fish, presented the su milanofashionweek.cameramoda.it, opening the fashion shows calendar.

The voice of Beppe Modenese, thanks to audio contributions selected from archive interviews, bursts into the story of an autumn day in Milan. Her memories are not nostalgic memories of the past, but a legacy full of inspirations for the entire fashion community.

Milan, the city that thanks to some fundamental operations conceived and conducted by Beppe Modenese has become the capital of Italian fashion, is the protagonist not only through places linked to the personal and professional history of Modenese, such as the tailor Caraceni or the Teatro alla Scala (which in the 1960s he had it decorated with celestial flowers on the occasion of a premiere), but also with new buildings and construction sites that reveal its vitality, even in a moment of difficulty.

It is no coincidence that the red stockings, a well-known detail of the proverbial elegance of the Honorary President of CNMI, are evoked at the end of the video: Modenese wore them as a talisman capable of attracting energy and positivity.

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