Is it just me, or does a lot of new jewelry take you back to the dELiA*s days? You know, back in the late 1990s, when you snuck a bead box into school and made friendship bracelets for your girls. Maybe I’m experiencing a wave of millennial nostalgia, but when I saw Bottega Veneta selling earrings reminiscent of the flower beads I made at summer camp, I knew there was something going on. As funny as it is to observe the cyclical nature of fashion, I have to say that this lighthearted new direction makes me smile. Typically I stick to a jewelry uniform of minimalist pieces in silver or gold, but lately I’ve been wanting to shake things up with a big flower pendant from Brooke Callahan, or an artfully chaotic (in the best possible way) ring from Blobb. Don’t we all need a little happiness and nostalgia right now? Get yours with some of my favorite picks below.

Blobb is the most appropriate name for this jewelry line that actually resembles blobs of paint. Somehow they make it super desirable. $50,


Brooke Callahan Necklace

This flower necklace takes me back to the ‘90s, in the best way. $105,

I want to buy these for all of my ladies, as a grown-up token of friendship. $25,

As a teen, I would have begged to get my ears pierced just to wear these. $1,250,


Uncommon Matters Earrings

This landline-cord-inspired piece is surprisingly sophisticated. $2,000,


Roxanne Assoulin Necklace


Joanna Laura Constantine Earrings


Maryam Nassir Zadeh Earrings

A blast of color to break you out of a wardrobe rut. $196,

This cuff adds a little hint of whimsy to any look. $125,

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