Thriller movies on Netflix: Vogue’s top 5

After i best Italian films, i best fashion movies, i best romantic movies , i best comic movies is the best comedies on Netflix, here’s a list of ultra-high-voltage movies

On tiptoe, with bated breath and watchful gaze: the most memorable scenes remain those that keep the alert high, the senses alert and the palpitations to a thousand. And so today the best thrillers around are available on Netflix, which hosts a well-stocked library capable of maintaining high tension and suspense. Goosebumps and chills? They are absolutely guaranteed for those with a strong heart and enviable endurance. The shades of fear travel on thin threads and pass from yellow to psychological drama often resulting in a mystery key. In short, nothing is as it seems and everything can change in a second. The unpredictability of the plot and the protagonists places this genre at the top of those preferred by the vast majority of the public … and not only to Halloween. Here are five binge-watching movies for a day or night of pure terror.

1. Panic Room

The story, directed by David Fincher, almost holds a baptismal very young Kristen Stewart, here as Sarah, the daughter of Meg (Jodie Foster), a divorce lawyer struggling with a traumatic move to New York. The same day the two arrive in the new house they are robbed by three thugs. To escape, they barricade themselves in the panic room of the house without knowing that there is the safe that the criminals are aiming for. The forces inside and outside the room challenge each other in a kind of war of attrition made up of cunning and violence, while the child’s glycemic crisis is added to the imminent danger. Repeating twists, well-thought-out plans and improvised safety measures make the tension skyrocket without ever letting go.
Adrenaline-fueled and sophisticated, ideal for those who know how to transform fear of the unknown into a work of art.

Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster in Panic Room

2. Bird Box

A film-phenomenon, Netflix original, which captured the attention of the public in a few days, placing itself among the best Netflix thriller films: Bird Box based on the novel Death will have your eyes, stars Sandra Bullock in an unusual version and struggling with a post-apocalyptic future. What initially looks like a strange epidemic is soon revealed, however, the effect of alien creatures whose sight leads to suicide. In full survival mode, some men try to avoid eye contact with these entities and barricade themselves in some sort of shelter. Malorie (Sandra Bullock) is expecting a baby when she joins the group after many traumas and many obstacles. Meanwhile, a disconcerting discovery shows that some humans with mental disorders are immune to the situation. In a fight against time and an unknown enemy, Malorie gathers her strength to save herself and her son.
Disturbing and hypnotic, ideal for those who know how to let themselves be transported into the most remote depths of fear.

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box

© Merrick Morton

3. Snowpiercer

Born from the unpredictable mind of the Korean Bong Joon-ho (Parasite) and adapted from the graphic novel Le Transperceneige, the story imagines the Earth submerged by ice in a terrifying post-apocalyptic future. The only survivors are in continuous movement on a train divided by caste. Distressing metaphor of humanity divided between immoderate wealth – in the leading carriages – and unspeakable poverty – in the rear carriages – this unique means of salvation feeds clashes and inequalities. The only way to subjugate the outcasts is blind and brutal force mixed with the periodic kidnapping of their children for unspecified purposes. The last, dirty and dehumanized also through the choice of having them eat only cockroach bars, then organize a rebellion discovering a reality that they would not have expected. The all star cast includes Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans, John Hurt and Jamie Bell in one of the most heartbreaking frescoes of the human condition.
Spectacular and disturbing, suitable for those who are not satisfied with the simpler options or shortcuts.

4. Splinters of fear

A psychological tug-of-war with few equals in the history of cinema Richard Gere and Edward Norton, protagonists of the adaptation of the novel Primal Fear by William Diehl. The first is a successful lawyer, the second a stuttering young man accused of brutally murdering the archbishop of the diocese who serves as an altar boy. To escape the death penalty, the boy uses a series of tricks to circumvent the defender and the entire judicial system. The reconstruction of the heinous crime brings to light the perversions of the victim in a crescendo of tension without a moment’s respite.
Perverse and surprising, recommended for those who always look for the dark side of humanity with cynicism (or realism?).

Richard Gere and Edward Norton in Splinters of fear

5. The Thomas Crawford case

Doesn’t the perfect crime exist? Maybe, but that doesn’t discourage attempts to reach it, as the astute engineer Thomas Crawford played by a diabolical Anthony Hopkins. Faced with evidence of his wife’s adultery, he shoots her in the head sending her into a coma. The murder charge against him does not seem so simple to prove, even if the brilliant district assistant Willy Beachum is dealing with it (Ryan Gosling). It is difficult to determine who is the cat and who the mouse in this hunt of intelligence and cunning, amidst overwhelming evidence and false leads. Thanks to the feelings of guilt, manipulations and dark secrets, the judicial affair takes on unexpected implications.
Electrifying and twisted, it is perfect for those who don’t accept a world in black and white.

Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins in The Thomas Crawford case

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