On the occasion of the launch of the collection The Attico spring summer 2021 we asked a few questions Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini on the genesis of Life At Large, the project that speaks of unisex, leisure and inclusive fashion – but also of the great love for a rapidly growing and increasingly involved community. With the aim of embracing the various needs of a new everyday life and the desire to break down every barrier with the public, the designers have created a daywear wardrobe with oversized cuts which mixes typical elements of streetwear with emblematic details of The Attico aesthetic. Pink caps, iconic chunky heels and nineties-inspired sunglasses complete the proposal. Are you curious to know more? Read below our Q&A with the two co-founders of the brand, and find out everything they told us.

Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio

When did you start working on the new collection?
The Life At Large project was born in June 2020. That was the moment when our inspirations were directed to cover all the needs of The Attico woman. We therefore thought of a capsule that could dress our target from 8 to 20 to best express the allure of the brand in different contexts of our daily life. A further strength of this collection is, not only wanting to embrace the different needs of everyday life, but also wanting to decontextualize everything that is defined by a label. In fact, Life At Large strengthens our thinking of engaging a wider audience at a time where inclusivity is an important message to communicate.

What was it like working on a different style? Have you ever thought of exploring leisure fashion or was it the long months of lockdown that led you in this direction?
It was highly stimulating, especially thanks to an idea that was taking shape over time. In fact, inspirations always come from the moment and the context, and already in the recent past we were taking the first steps towards a new conception of our product. Certainly the idea and the current situation met perfectly.

The Life At Large project aims to embrace a wider audience, including all individuals regardless of size, age, gender, sexuality. Why did you feel this need?
The theme of inclusiveness is very current and strongly embraces our thinking. There are different means of communication and why not, even a collection can be. This is precisely the meaning of Life At Large: no kind of distance, no kind of difference even in the product. We have tried to decrease the interval that also exists with the new generations and with any type of target.

You have created a unisex collection that fits men and women. Did this experience make you think about the possibility of creating a The Attico men’s collection in the future?
Life At Large is a manifestation of our thought to break down any type of barrier. This is a special project referring to today without necessarily future projections. A men’s collection? At the moment it is not part of our projects but… why not?

For the first time you have involved non-professional models. How did you select the talents among the thousands of faces proposed? What features were you looking for?
We recruited talent through a call to action on our social media. Life At Large wants to eliminate any kind of distance or diversity and organizing castings with ordinary non-professional people was an extra stimulus for our goal, and above all a great inspiration through comparison with real life experience. In reality we did not make the selection according to well-defined criteria but we let ourselves be inspired by people with different characteristics who best suited the meaning of our project. This experience reinforced our belief that The Attico can be, and probably already is, a community.

The new collection responds in a concrete way to the complex historical period we are experiencing. What are the most representative garments and accessories of the new The Attico wardrobe? It is a special project in which the new models are the great protagonists such as flats or oversized garments, but at the same time they are mixed and related to the brand’s identifying garments. So each garment actually has great value both in its uniqueness and in the total look.

The footwear proposal this season expands with flat fussbett models and a new wonderful chunky heel. What inspired you in creating these variations?
The inspiration certainly comes from the idea of ​​creating footwear in line with the Life At Large capsule.
The flat model, like the rest of the collection, is designed to give an additional level of comfort and create different proportions to a leisurely total look. The chunky heel instead has the dual characteristic of making a feminine but at the same time comfortable sandal.

Besides fashion, one of your passions is music. If Life At Large were a playlist, what songs would it contain?
In reality, precisely because we have a great passion for music, we have already created a playlist to accompany the launch of the project, as it is our custom to do with all the collections. We also involved the talents who shot the campaign and each of them chose a track from the playlist.

After the Door is Open charity project and the Life At Large collection, do you already have other initiatives in mind to involve the The Attico community?
Yes, there are already some projects we are working on and we will talk to you about later.

Do you miss the fashion shows? Did the experience of presenting a collection in a digital format make you re-evaluate how to present collections in the future?
Yes, of course and we lack contact with the press and buyers and above all organize our events which have always been the greatest connection with our public for us. Today digital is certainly the most appropriate solution and we are sure that it will become one of the new ways of communicating in all respects, plus it allows us direct contact with consumers and this is very stimulating for us.

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