How to choose the bouquet that best enhances the bride’s silhouette, giving full light to her personality

Who said that bouquet is above all choice of flowers? They know it well future brides, more and more attentive and informed in wedding theme, that the components involved are more than that.

The bouquet, whose tradition is to be sought in pagan and then Arab weddings, in the custom of carrying twigs of rosemary and myrtle or orange blossom in the hands or in the hair as a wish for abundance, purity and fertility, today more than ever he rediscovers himself as a protagonist, thanks to the bride, on her wedding day. And this centrality is due precisely to the range of choices that the bride will have “in her hands” well before the yes day, choices that must take into account the wedding dress, the style of the wedding, one’s body and above all how one he will want to feel during that day when the gazes will be more polarized than ever on himself. So, before going into detailed advice, it is good to keep in mind the first cornerstone of femininity, which, declined in the wedding, sounds more or less like this: choose a bouquet that first of all speaks of you! The principle is simple, just look inside yourself, ask yourself how you want to feel, look in the mirror and respect the rules of harmony and proportion (which sometimes need a touch of asymmetry to stay that way!).

After this immersion and let the imagination flow, the advice comes by itself: the classic bouquet round is suitable for a well-proportioned bride who chooses an empire-style dress or with a strap at the waist, in the name of a romantic look that does not fear fashions and nevertheless is always in step with the times. On a tight dress, a round bouquet, dotted with small flowers, will not overshadow the bride but on the contrary will harmoniously enhance her.

However, there are those who prefer a more sophisticated touch and the classic and very traditional round will prefer the cascading bouquet, the so-called “shower bouquet“, Because never as on the day of one’s wedding will gazes rain down on oneself. The look must therefore be refined and refined, but thanks to its exaggerated effect the cascading bouquet also lends itself to enrich a simple bride outfit. Well-opened roses and peonies are ideal flowers. Only warning: this bouquet if small just does not make it, so better to dare with a decidedly large cascading bouquet. Optimal therefore if you are tall; if you are smaller you can opt for a very delicate teardrop bouquet with calla lilies, orchids, ivy shoots and ferns.

The bundle bouquet, composed of long-stemmed flowers, such as iris, rose, sunflowers, orchid, calla … whose stems are left long and perhaps tied with a satin or silk ribbon, it is well suited to a bride slim and slender. For a minimal chic wedding you can opt for calla lilies and white roses, for a country wedding better the wild flowers. Also open bouquets, decidedly more voluminous and composed of different flowers or of the same variety but arranged in an airy and free way, they will be perfect for long-limbed figures, enhanced by a beautiful long dress.
Brides who boast more generous silhouettes can dare with fan bouquets, even choosing red roses for an even bolder touch.

And the trends don’t end there because, in addition to hoop bouquet that peep out dictating a real fashion that stands out for its imagination and originality, we also rediscover the bracelet bouquets, perfect for thin figures who wish to convey a dreamy and fairy allure to the future groom and all guests. On the other hand, the designer Yves Saint Laurent for the iconic wedding between Bianca and Mick Jagger proposed to the future bride nothing less than a bracelet bouquet, the simplest and at the same time out of the box.

It seems that the bouquet, from a simple object designed to give grace to the bride, is transformed into a sort of jewel that will give it light, tone and color, imprinting a trait that will accompany it forever from that first day, becoming a real distinctive sign.

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