What they do to us Barack Obama is Bruce Springsteen together in a room? Simple: they record a podcast. The former vice president and the musical icon of the working class found themselves recording a long chat with the title Renegades: Born in the USA of which, on Spotify, the first two episodes are available.

A chat between people who respect each other that involves life paths, experiences, ideals and above all many stories of real life plus a series of issues dear to both personalities such as racial issues, paternity, marriage and the current condition of the United States.

Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama

© Ron Sachs / IPA

The podcast, in eight episodes, is produced by Higher Ground, the producer of Barack and Michelle Obama with which the former presidential couple decided to try their hand at the production of high quality entertainment and above all with a high value impact.

After all, Obama and Springsteen are old friends: their paths crossed in 2008, on the occasion of Obama’s first presidential campaign and, since then, they have never separated.

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