Let’s face it: when it comes to royals and cuisine it is difficult for the mind not to run a scenographic delicacies served by waiters on solid silver trays. “Le sue oeufs brouillés, Signorino” we imagine it being pronounced with perfect English phlegm by a dapper butler while serving the little George of Cambridge a plate of scrambled eggs. What if none of this is true?

Looking at the various statements made to the press over the years, we can try to reconstruct not only the menu, but also the “habits and customs” of the Cambridge royals at the table. Let’s start by saying that if you imagine hordes of chefs frantically busy among large stoves and kitchen tops made of marble and travertine, you are wrong. To prepare dinner at “Cambridge house” is one of the parents and specifically Kate who, apparently, has a real passion for cooking. As stated in fact Katie Nicholl, one of the most authoritative voices in the field of royals: “In the evening, Kate who has a passion for cooking sometimes prepares William’s favorite dish, roast chicken”.

Even William, as far as we know, has a very personal passion for cooking which, however, materializes in his great workhorse: pasta with Bolognese sauce (with which he conquered Kate at the time of the university).

As regards the diet of the dukes, we know that the main dish that arrives on the tables of the royal family is above all vegetables: the menu of Kate and William he is almost vegetarian as revealed by Raghu Deora, the chef who took care of the menu during their visit to India. “I created an all-vegetarian menu because they told me that’s what they preferred.” A vegetable-based diet that the Dukes share with their children. At home, in fact, the vegetables that are grown directly in Kate and William’s gardens are consumed, especially carrots, beans and red beets (which are Louis’ favorite vegetables).

Kate and William, Dukes of Cambridge

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But what is the real passion of the royal babyes? Well, as they say from their school, George, Charlotte and Louis, like many children, love Italian food: pasta and pizza, obviously on top. Obviously in the “British” declinations. What if George and Charlotte, under the guidance of mum Kate, they have become excellent pizza chefs, as far as pasta is concerned we are still close to maccaroni and cheese which, for those unfamiliar with them, are a kind of baked pasta with a lot (a lot) (a lot) cheese.

Prince William, Prince George, the Queen and Prince Charles

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But for the pâtes au fromage et le poivre (or better to say “the bucatini cacio e pepe”) there is time, right?

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