In the meantime: raise your hand if you don’t want to the cut of Alessandra Martines aka I will fantasize (but was it a wig?), a perfect and saucy bowl that probably few of us they could have really afforded (but it was only the beginning of the great difficulties in terms of hair styling, soon even the fringe bombata by Brenda Walsh).
And then. Raise your hand if you would not have wanted to be in your shoes: after dozens and dozens of Disney princesses waiting to be saved by the princes, finally Fantaghirò, in the name of girl power, was not only a tomboy, but a real fighter with such an adventurous story, full of courage and in any case also of beautiful principles (basically him, Romualdo played by Kim Rossi Stuart) and accomplices fairy characters. Shall we talk about the councilor stone Come back? Perhaps unfortunately we have more often felt her appeal on us when we wake up in the morning to go to work, rather than that of the rebel warrior with the eyes of a deer.

Pietra Tornaindietro, councilor of Fantaghirò. Sceenshot

This whole introduction to say that after 25 years, a new series is planned which, judging by the title, will feature the princess certainly still equipped with resourcefulness, and perhaps her bow, arrows and who knows what else.
Because for now little is known: the mini live action series will be written by White Rabbits and directed by Nicola Abbatangelo and will be called Fantaghirò: the queen of the two kingdoms.
The cast is not yet known, but there are rumors (or perhaps hopefully) in the return of the actors who played the original series that aired from 1991 to 1996 (will also return Brigitte Nielsen with that scary and enviable headdress at the same time?).
Filming (covid permitting) should begin by 2021 and also in this case the inspiration will come directly from the Italian folk tale transcribed from the dialect in the language from Italo Calvino, Fanta-Ghirò.

Black Witch (Brigitte Nielsen). Screenshots

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