Sex and the City: review of previous seasons (and of the male performers who became famous)

Aiden, Smith, Harry and Steve and of course Mr. Big (who did know he won’t be in the awaited reboot “And just like that”). Here they are the great loves of the four girls of Sex and the city that soon, Samantha s part, will return, in the revival of HBO, to populate the streets of New York showing us how their love stories have evolved – alas, even without Steve and Mr. Big after the rejection of the actors – and friendship in all these years of absence from the screen.

Yet, the TV series that since 1998 has made us laugh and also learn (about sex, but not only) has had over the years a parterre of stars who, season after season for a total of 94 episodes, have left a memory for the characters they played, even if only for the few minutes of an episode. Any co-star names turned big stars? Elizabeth Banks, Alan Cumming, Heidi Klum, Andy Cohen, Lucy Liu, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Carrie Fisher, even Hugh Hefner and Donald Trump.

Our attention, however, is catalyzed by 11 actors, very famous today, who perhaps you do not remember. Because, despite Charlotte York’s theory that everyone in life is destined to have only two great loves, the girls of Sex and the city they had a few extra crushes, waiting for the big love. Luckily, we say. Otherwise, how could they have invited all these handsome guys to the set? Many will remember Trey MacDougal (Kyle MacLachlan), Robert (Blair Underwood), Richard Wright (James Remar), Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryšnikov) and Jack Berger (Ron Livingston) because they had relationships with the SATC girls for at least two episodes. But you may have missed these really hot cameo, who did not overcome the obstacle of the first date. And just like that …

1. Bradley Cooper is Jake

Carrie ends up on the cover of New York Magazine with a tired face, accompanied by the question “Single is better?”. So, to forget what happened, he allows himself an extra cocktail and at the club he meets a Bradley Cooper young and blond, in his first acting role.

2. Matthew McConaughey is a fictionalized version of himself

Carrie flies to Los Angeles because a producer – Matthew McConaughey – wants to turn his column into a movie. Interested in playing Mr. Big, he asks her how she screwed up the whole relationship with the most perfect man on earth, giving her the option of seeing his columns on the big screen.

3. Gabriel Macht is Barkley

Yes, that’s right Harvey Specter, the well-established e super sexy attorney’s Suits (yes, the one with Meghan Markle). Many years before he was a model expert, exactly in the second episode of the first season of the series. His role has brought the term “modelizer” into our vocabulary.

4. Justin Theroux is Vaughn Wysel

A writer like Carrie, with a few problems in the bedroom. Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband, also appears again, just for a few seconds, always in the role of a writer named among the “30 coolest people under 30”.

5. Vince Vaughn is Keith

In Los Angeles, anything can happen. Even think you have met the perfect man, a major film agent, played by Vince Vaughn. Only to discover, in reality, that he is the personal assistant of Carrie Fisher and Ben Affleck.

6. David Duchovny is Jeremy

David Duchovny was Carrie’s high school boyfriend, who suddenly calls her to tell her he’s moved to Connecticut. The two start a story again, until he reveals that he is in a psychiatric facility, making their future complicated.

7. Jon Bon Jovi is Seth

Jon Bon Jovi is a patient of the same therapist as Carrie. She creates a confrontation, until she discovers that once he sleeps with a woman he completely loses interest, making her realize that she is really good at picking the wrong men.

8. John Slattery is Bill Kelley

Before being Roger Sterling in Mad Men, John Slattery andthe political contender who stole Carrie’s heart. Why didn’t it last between them? A certain weakness for a certain type of shower …

9. Clark Gregg is Harris

Before Marvel and Agents of SHIELD., Clark Gregg he met Miranda on a speed dating. She passes herself off as a stewardess, he as a doctor and then turns out to be the deputy director of a shoe store.

10. Timothy Olyphant is Sam

Timothy Olyphant is a 20-year-old boy who likes to go out with the thirties. Carrie loses her head for him until she sees his apartment.

11. Matthew Morrison is a waiter

Carrie, post Jake (Bradley Cooper) and the bad figure on New York Magazine, accepts her single life and goes to lunch alone, where she is served by future star Matthew Morrison Glee.

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