Queen Elizabeth II decides to reunite the royals for a live television broadcast. A more unique than rare event that will air on 7 March. If this date sounds familiar to you, there is a reason and it is not on your agenda. March 7 is in fact the date on which it was announced Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah Winfrey it will be broadcast on CBS.

No malice though: Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and, in the same special, William and Kate will also be the protagonists of a television event dedicated to Commonwealth Day, which, in this 2021, will be celebrated on March 8. Not being able to be held “in person”, due to covid-19, the celebrations will be held in an alternative form and, precisely, on television.

So, if it is a coincidence that the Harry and Meghan special was scheduled one day before Commonwealth Day, however, we cannot fail to underline how the choice to celebrate it on television one day in advance and with a gathering of the most charismatic royals sounds at least curious. Let’s imagine it is a question of television schedules and the obscure rules that govern them. Especially since, due to the time zone, the royals will speak hours in advance of the airing of the Oprah interview.

William, Kate and royal babies.

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At this point, however, we must take off the mask: the tension between the royals has never been higher. All previous rapprochements and detentions seem to have been effectively swept away by the announcement of the interview with Oprah Winfrey which generated a series of drastic measures starting from the “expulsion” ipso facto of the Dukes from the royal family with the revocation of their noble titles.

At this point, however, one of two: either the queen has lost her well-known aplomb by acting with an excess of zero, or there is the concrete possibility that the interview on March 7 of Harry and Meghan really has contents that could to seriously embarrass the English royals. And who knows that playing in advance will not serve to put some preventive “patches” on the statements of the Sussexes ….

The arduous sentence on 7 March.

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