Exhibitions 2021: the installation by Mimmo Palladino at the Cardi Gallery in Milan

If you are looking for a place for a week-long beauty break (different from the museums we talked about here) go to number 38 Corso di Porta Nuova, in Milan: from Cardi Gallery an exhibition that is an artistic and musical experience opens from today until April 30th.
When you open the white door overlooking the inner courtyard, turn off the phone: The Sleepers of Mimmo Paladino they demand silence and attention.
In the dark room, the eye sees, lying on the ground, 32 sculptures with human features: the notes of Brian Eno – the well-known British musician, composer and producer – are the perfect counterpoint to their sleep, a hypnotic lullaby.
We walk among bodies lying in a fetal position: to many the situation will remind the vision of the remains of the inhabitants of Pompeii and Herculaneum set up in the excavations, instead Paladino declared that he was inspired by the fascinating drawings of Henry Moore on the hospitalization of war wounded in England during the Second World War (here some examples).

The Sleepers by Mimmo Paladino at Cardi Galley

© @Carlo Vannini

It is not the first time that The Sleepers, imperturbable creatures of terracotta, made by assembling pieces of the same matrix, but put together in a different way (as identical and yet dissimilar as we all are …) are presented to the public in their apparent suspension: at the end of the nineties they were exhibited at Poggibonsi then, with some variations, to the London Roundhouse, even there lulled by the sound of Brian Eno.

Twenty years after their creation, Mimmo Paladino, now 72, personally designed the new installation at Cardi Gallery, for the first exhibition in Milan of this project: the result is solemn and incredibly current, considering the situation we are experiencing. What are these dreaming of Sleepers? And we, who walk close to it, what do we perceive of their state? Do they have dreams or nightmares? Should we envy them or be afraid or sorry? Should we wake them up or rock them?

Preview for Vogue.it, here is a clip of a couple of minutes that returns the atmosphere of the gallery (free admission, Tuesday to Friday, from 10 to 18.30):

Do not forget, before going out, to go up to the first floor of Cardi Gallery. No background music here, yet it was the notes of Sunday Mornin ‘Comin’ Down of Johny Cash – pure country: listen here – to have accompanied the realization of these 100 designs created by Mimmo Paladino during 2020.
This puzzle of signs is a colorful score: it suggests tales that mix intimate and collective history during the pandemic. There is hope, perhaps.

Sunday Mornin ‘Comin’ Down by Mimm Palladino

© @Carlo Vannini

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