According to Spate, a New York market research agency, the exfoliating facial toner would be experiencing its golden moment. Much loved for its ease of use and its effect resurfacing not very aggressive, this type of toner has seen a growth in clicks on search engines, accompanied by sales on online channels (you don’t know where to look? This article is a great guide to best e commerce beauty of the moment, ed).

No wonder the boom in exfoliating tonics is coming in the months of maskne, or mask acne, with more and more people – men and women, young and old – paranoid about their impure, thick and not very bright skin, due to the daily use of protective masks.

Exfoliating tonic: what it is

What are the specifics of this tonic? As he points out Rosa Carpano, Spa Manager of Olympic Spa Hotel in Val di Fassa, “It is a lotion containing hydroxy acids, fruit acids widely used in cosmetics for their mildly exfoliating properties and, at the same time, antioxidants. In this way, the exfoliating tonic combines the action of the balancing and astringent tonic with a delicate smoothing effect, improving the skin texture and bringing radiance to the face. “

How and when to use the exfoliating tonic

The tonic with exfoliating action should be used following some simple but important basic rules. Carpano reminds us of them: “Ideal for those with the dull skin, thick and / or mature, let’s start by saying that the exfoliating tonic is not a product passe-par-tout. For example, it is not suitable for those who will spend the day outdoors, in contact with sun and wind, as it would make the skin too vulnerable to atmospheric agents. Red light in the presence of red and sensitive skin. If instead you will spend the day indoors, it is the suitable tonic, natural revitalizer and bringer of radiance. It has a great advantage, as it prepares the skin to best receive the cosmetics applied in the following steps: exfoliated, the skin is more receptive and (literally) sucks up the assets. However, it is better to use the exfoliating tonic for limited periods, so as not to damage the precious protective barrier of the skin and not to excessively stress it “.

The ideal skincare routine for those who use exfoliating facial tonic

The Spa Manager has an additional tip to better set the skin routine with exfoliating tonic. “Before using this lotion, yes to a step of cleaning soft touch, massaging a cleansing milk with moisturizing action on the skin of the face, neck and neckline. After patting the skin with your exfoliating toner, apply a soothing serum, ideally based on rose and / or panthenol. Final touch of the beauty ritual: a protective and very, very moisturizing cream, containing edelweiss and quality hyaluronic acid. The skin, at the end of these steps, will be silky and, at the same time, it will appear extremely glowy“. What more could you ask for?

5 must-have products dedicated to those who want a “new skin” effect

Purifying Pore-tightening Lotion from the Normaderm line by Vichy

Clarifying Lotion for combination skin by Clinique

The Oil-Absorbing Tonic de La Mer

PIXI Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner

Radiance Peeling Lotion “new skin” effect by NUXE

Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion by Mario Badescu Skincare

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