What they have in common Sharon Stone, Helen Mirren, Diane Keaton, Lauren Hutton? In addition to being beautiful women, they managed to age well and it was not only thanks to aesthetic medicine, but to the “successful aging“. It is a new school of thought that focuses on aging in shape and health, combining nutrition, preventive medicine, antiaging, nutraceuticals and other disciplines. The successful aging it is not just reserved for stars, but everyone can improve their lifestyle, thanks to advances in science we can age well, preventing, where possible, health problems.

TO Milan the first Italian center of succesful aging, Doe 16 (cerva16.com) which is inspired by the concept of Blue zones. In the world of cone 5 Blue areas where the longevity of the population is much higher than the rest of the Earth, they are: Loma Linda in California, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Ogliastra in Sardinia, Icaria in Greece and Okinawa in Japan. “In Italy we are certainly pioneers in this discipline, with our team of professionals, all graduates in regenerative medicine and antianging, our Center wants to offer a holistic approach ”, explains the doctor Federica Almondo, Nutritionist specializing in Food Science and co-founder of

“The expertise of the Center, in fact, combines nutrition and preventive medicine antiaging with the new possibilities of frontier sciences, such as: genetics, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, nutraceuticals and epigenetics. A fundamental aspect is thesupply that must be
accompanied by a targeted nutraceutical integration plan and an active lifestyle “.

The importance of the epigenitics

The risk of developing a specific pathology, as well as that of aging “badly”, depends on two interrelated aspects: the first is the individual susceptibility to the disease linked to our genetic code (for 20% -40%); the second is it lifestyle including the environment, which affects through epigenetic mechanisms (for a 60% -80%). “Our genes can in fact ‘express themselves’ differently as a result of regulatory mechanisms determined by the external environment – continues the expert – in other words, our genetic characteristics are manifested according to the lifestyle we lead. Epigenetics carries out the role of external regulator of our genes, without any change in the DNA sequence, but allowing our peculiar characteristics to express themselves differently. Nutrition is the most important epigenetic factor, the one that can help us extend the time of healthy life and
satisfying “.

Antiging paths and projects

To age well it is necessary to set up a personalized holistic approach on the person to identify his strengths and weaknesses. Centro Cerva 16 proposes two strategies: the path and the Antiaging project. “The Antiaging path it requires the support of a personal ‘case manager’ – continues Almondo – it is a multidisciplinary path that seeks the profound origin of the problems and the relative solution, not only temporarily but also in the long term. The patient comes taught a new lifestyle which aims precisely at healthy and active longevity. The Antiaging project, on the other hand, is more complete, addressing all the problems that affect well-being and accelerate aging. People are followed in programs for lose weight, reduce pain, manage it stress, prevent age-related pathologies, improve sleep, recover energy, improve sports performance, slow down aesthetic aging and increase libido “.

How to identify genetic frailties

Those who come to the Center want to undertake a radical change in their lifestyle, to take better care of themselves. “The first step is the DNA test, an oral swab, to search for predictive genetic information – concludes the expert – to complete the information you can perform exams hormonal of endocrine-senescence and medicine antiaging. Thanks to all these investigations, the specialist can identify the patient’s latent genetic frailties and set up a targeted prevention action and a personalized diet, physical activity and nutraceutical plan “.

10 examples (and 10 magical “beauty products) of successfull aging or stars over 60 who are aging with a lot of grace and a few tweaks

Guerlain Abeille Royale Eye R Repair Serum, an eye contour that opens the eyes with a triple lifting effect. Formulated with 94% natural ingredients, it combines the repairing powers of honey with the effectiveness of Abeille Royale Black Bee Eye Repair Technology ™. In the pack an exclusive Gold Drop applicator with a decongestant effect

Clé de Peau Beauté La Crème. A high-performance night treatment inspired by the main skin scientific discoveries that optimizes the skin’s natural beauty cycle for a more youthful appearance. Provides immediate results after the first application.

© Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

Sisleÿa the Intégral Anti-Age by Sisley. A strong serum that awakens the skin’s compact potential. The Garden Oregano extract acts to stimulate cell turnover. The skin appears firmer, denser and more toned

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Eye Contour Cream, a formula concentrated in pre and probiotics and enriched with hyaluronic acid, for long-lasting hydration and visibly reduced dark circles. The skin around the eyes is strengthened and the eyes become radiant (available from March)

La Prairie Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Protocol, an intensive and exclusive treatment, a mix of “signal” molecules enclosed in three vials that visibly awakens the skin and helps to compensate for the loss and negative effects caused by the passage of time.

© Photo: Courtesy of StriVectin

Prodigy Cellglow The Ultimate Cellixir Helena Rubinstein. An intensive treatment that allows cellular reprogramming in a month. More than 600,000 native Edelweiss plant cells are activated at the last minute in a blend of 6 acids, for a newborn crystal skin.

Chanel SUBLIMAGE L’extrait De Nuit, the first serum resulting from chroniobiology that reactivates the natural repair and regeneration functions of the skin, more intense during the night – Its formula contains a mix of fermented elixirs of Vanilla Planifolia and neroli associated with a chronopeptide of natural origin.

Michelle Pfeiffer – 62 years old

© Axelle / Bauer-Griffin

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Dual Infusion. Two serums that blend together in a single product for an extraordinary skin transformation. In the formula a double concentration of Black Diamond truffle extract and advanced technology for super cell turnover.

Valmont DetO2x PACK, the oxygenating skin mask. A bubble of radiance that offers an unprecedented sensory experience. In a few minutes the toxins and free radicals are wiped out and the Detox effect is immediate thanks to the mix of nasturtium flower extract. (available from March)

Whoopi Goldberg – 65 years old

© Caryn Elaine Johnson

Darphin Stimulskin Plus Absolute Renewal Infusion Cream, a rich and velvety formula that sculpts the oval of the face prevents the reduction of collagen. A precious botanical jewel to be applied with the Deluxe massage tool. (available from March)

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