The British Royal Family – and theirs defeated Harry and Meghan – they know a lot about fashion tricks

Kate Middleton is Meghan Markle they are the most influential, loved and imitated women in the world. But let’s go beyond the fact that they married William and Harry of England. The duchesses, in fact, have style to spare and it is no coincidence that many Windsor fans see in them something of the inimitable allure that belonged to Lady D. Everything they wear is sold out in a few hours, they are good at recycling clothes already worn on other occasions, always giving a fresh touch to the new outfits they propose. Applies to coats, earrings, dresses and accessories. But behind the phenomena Kate and Meghan there is more. In fact, there are tricks worthy of life in the spotlight, to never be messed between one shot and another of the photographers’ lenses. So we opened the archives for you, finding 5 fashion and beauty tips that you can also do yours. Yes, because there is a real motivation behind Megs’ shoes or why Kate loves using hair nets so much.

A clutch to hide the neckline

Let’s start with the first icon of the Windsor family. She, Lady Diana, effortless and beautiful, despite herself a victim of the English royal family. Have you ever looked at her most memorable photos as, ethereal and composed, she gets out of the car and wondered why she used to carry her hand with her purse in front of her chest? By doing so, she prevented any indiscreet photographer from taking a revealing photo of her breasts, which would eventually make the front page of tabloid magazines. The bags of Anya Hindmarch, famously renamed the “cleavage clutch”.

Meghan and those shoes (Aquazzura) too large

Markle has already been talked about since the announcement of her engagement with Prince Harry, precisely because of the apparently unusual choice to show off a pair of designer shoes one size more. But know that the whole royal family loves it, a style makeup that many Hollywood celebrities also use. The foot has more room for movement and the heels rest while standing on high heels for a long time.

Those unusual Kate hair nets

A little retro, a little bit dancer style. Middleton’s beloved hair nets have often been criticized by fashionistas. Who will have to change their mind because, using them with chignon or more complex crops, they allow the locks to stay in their place. The updos more intricate will not have so bad surprises, and the photos will be flawless.
Another useful trick to keep hairstyles in place are the headbands, naturally worn with a princely style.

The low chignon, facial gymnastics and other beauty secrets of the princesses

They look like shirts but …

They are actually leotards, so that the top remains stationary. Using this garment allows for static, to prevent something from lifting or moving unexpectedly.

Sore feet, goodbye

Maybe you weren’t even aware of it: there are tights with silicone pads. So Kate Middleton combines etiquette and comfort. The protocol, in fact, requires the use of socks with any dress, even in summer. And Kate has benefited from it, choosing to also eliminate the problem of having slippery feet in princely shoes.

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