Lucky plants, money plants, plants that bring love. Whatever their meaning, plants simply make you feel good and we had already told some of the reasons here. This last year then, with or without flowers, have become one of the essential “elements” in our homes (and it would seem also in the fashion): for many they were already so before, but now, perhaps because we are more forced indoors and with limited possibilities for trips outside the city, even the most “insensitive” have converted to nature, which has become a requirement as soon as possible.

While we hope that this awareness will lead to greater responsibility for action to protect the environment by governments and citizens (therefore systemic, not only of the new generations who for some time have brought attention to these issues) we indulge in purchases and in the dense production and exchange of cuttings.
Ça va sans dire, the newcomers immediately become the subject of shots full of love posted proudly on social media. Maybe also plants, like children, are they piezz’e core?
Let’s see what the species actually are more instagrammed and above all we discover what is expected of them (obviously unaware of everything).

Peace Lily, Spatafillo, the third most instagrammed plant

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If you are looking for plants doorluck in love, the perfect flowers for you, for centuries a symbol of the noblest of feelings (unless your name is Leopardi) are the Orchids, finishing in first place with over 4 million hashtags in their favor.
Have you had a sad experience of caring for it? You have probably made the common mistake of leaving the water in the saucers, causing the plant to rot (I still remember the lush plants of the mother that occupied the entire bathtub when they had to “drain”). And then. It should be wet, of course, but neither too much nor too little! In short, it must be listened carefully: does it remind you of that note that your ex boyfriend often made? Who knows if when you become an expert with this plant you can also request a valid certificate in relationships.

The Orchid is the most photographed on social media

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You are interested in money matters? So, nomen omen, you can only throw yourself on Pachira, an adorable little tree also known as Money Tree Plant. Likely you recognize it by the trunk whose branches intertwine like a long braid that would have made you pale Lady Gaga to the Biden settlement: and it is precisely in that tangle that the money would remain imprisoned. Perhaps, instead of in the actions of Gamestop, you can consider a safer and less stressful investment in one of these tropical plants.

Pachira aquatica, Money Tree, in fourth place among the most instagrammed

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By the way: you are stressed? Fill the room (yes, even where you sleep, without fear!) With Snake Plant (Sanseveria). It is also famous as Mother-in-law’s tongue (or snake plant) because of its long leaves, but fear not: even if you were traumatized when you were a child by Stephanie Forrester’s wickedness, we assure you that not all of them have a poisoned tooth towards their daughters-in-law. On the contrary, this plant purifies the air, promoting the relaxation we need: perhaps it is those not rare species of accomplices in-law!

Sansevieria, Snake Plant, Mother-in-law’s Tongue in second position

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Jade tree, Crassula at 5th place in the ranking of the most instagrammed plants

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