There Queen Elizabeth II has decided: Harry and Meghan they will no longer have the duties and responsibilities related to the royal family. An epochal decision, coming directly from Buckingham Palace with an official statement that left everyone blown away.

On the other hand, the fibrillations in the royal family had recently returned to be particularly evident. If until a month ago everything seemed to go smoothly with rumors of family rapprochements and relaxation culminating with the “joy” for the announcement of the second royal baby, now the tensions are back on the London – Montecito axis and the telephone lines are hot again. The reason? Apparently the March 7 interview released from Harry and (mostly) Meghan to Oprah Winfrey.

Long story short: the historical series of the interviews given to journalists by the royal family does not tell a story of communication successes. From the interview given by Carlo at the time of the sinking of his marriage with Diana, to Andrew’s most recent one on the Epstein case, it can be said that the direct relationship with the press has always brought more harm than good.

And so here it seems that the queen herself, at least according to what the Mirror, has decided to run “preventive” coverages by arranging an emergency meeting with the royal family with Harry. The reason? Probably understand what Harry and Meghan’s intentions are and what they would reveal in the interview. And so, after the confrontation, the farewell. The Queen then decided to take away all their patronage from the Dukes and, most emblematic, stripped Harry of his honorary title of Captain General of the Royal Marines.

A position that Harry cares a lot about and that, has recently been in the center of battle of the couple against the tabloids (later won by both). On the other hand, clear pacts of long friendship or, as they say in Albione, Good fences make good neighbors: the regulation of the farewell to the royal family in fact speaks of a “review” every 12 months, of the status of the two outgoing royals to decide and to remodel, as needed, their public role and above all their position as members (indeed now as former members) of the royal family.

A year later, the Megxiters title could officially take the place of the Sussexes even if a spokesperson for the couple said that the couple will continue to support the activities to which they are linked, with or without titles.

Freedom, on the other hand, has a price: who knows if Harry and Meghan had taken it into account.

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