Many of us in these months of lockdown have taken the measures with their abilities to do the hair blower by ourselves, trying their hand at more or less good results even with the DIY tint. Today we want to focus precisely on hair curler home made: what are the secrets of professionals for one styling in a workmanlike manner, avoiding complicated techniques and adopting an approach easy, but with excellent results? Word to the expert, thehairstylist Silvia Caparrotta of the salon Mastromauro Hair & Beauty from Milan.

DIY twist for short hair

“For those who have the short hair, the steps to follow are essentially 4: first apply a texturizing product on the hair, then dry with the help of your hands, following the direction of the cut and the natural fall of the hair. At this point, define the fringe or the tuft with the help of flat brush and hairdryer. As a final touch, apply a product of styling with a soft finish, with a matting effect and once again texturizing to separate and give definition to the individual locks. The result is a lot casual, but super refined “.

“If we have a medium length like bob and lob and we want to make one super fold sleek, the first step is to cleanse the hair, choosing one nourishing shampoo and, in the case of curly or wavy hair, applying a moisturizing mask. Let’s start with the case of a naturally wavy hair: just before brushing apply a smoothing product to the hair and start drying each strand with the hair dryer, helping yourself with the round brush, starting from the root and reaching the tip. If you have straight hair, just apply little balm on the tips, avoiding the mask, and remembering to rinse well with cold water to seal the hair. After washing, yes to a product thermal protector from the texture light. Use the hair dryer so that the jet of air comes from top to bottom and dry your hair with the simple help of a flat brush. To get volume at the root, the ideal is dry the hair upside down. Once drying is complete, the fold can be completed by passing the plate to obtain a shiny and silky result. Finally, vaporize one polishing spray or apply a few drops of argan oil to make the look very luminous “.

“Long hair? Yes to one fold romantic and trendy move, a bit like that of Lily Collins in the Netflix series Emily in Paris. After having cleansed the hair rigorously with products customized for yours hair type, apply a sea salt spray to texturize the ripple and create more body. After defining the row (which can be in the middle, side or ‘absent’ in this article a mini guide to help you choose the one that best suits your face shape, ed), eliminate excess water e divide the hair into sections of about 5 centimeters each; then, using a natural bristle brush to make the hair shiny, create some torchon. Just place the brush vertically at the root of the hair, turning the lock on itself and proceeding gradually towards the tip of the hair. By drying your hair upside down, you will get maximum volume: then lift your head and comb your hair slowly to remove any knots. For a more defined effect, yes to the use of curling iron, going to divide the hair into strands and rolling each of them on the hot tool, positioning it about 5 centimeters from the root. Advice: start from the lowest section at the nape of the neck and proceed climbing upwards ”.

10 special products to help you before, during and after styling

Solid Restorative Shampoo for Fragile Hair from the Ultra Dolce line by Garnier

Be Curly Curl Enhancer by Aveda

REDKEN Leave-In treatment that hydrates and protects from the heat of hairdryer and iron

Phone Elchim with special “spout” and top-ups with active ingredients (you can find it on the TV channel and QVC website)

My Pro Magic Straight Brush by Bellissima

Rose Blush Collection Smoothing Plate by BaByliss

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Light Restorative Oil with pure Hairmed oils

Keratin Lacquer with 48h Extra Strong hold from the Palette line by Shwarzkopf

Curl Defining Gel Cream from the EIMI line by Wella Professionals

Freedom Modeling Paste by Cotril

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