The journey of the countryside Alanui “West is a state of mind” continue to discover the deep west of the United States. The short film divided into 3 episodes, directed by Andrea Calvetti, tells the Alanui spring summer 2021 collection through an ironic adventure full of twists, which reflects the values ​​of freedom and discovery on which Carlotta and Nicolò Oddi founded the brand.

In the final episode of the fashion film “West is a state of mind”, the journey of the 3 boys through the landscapes of the West reaches a turning point when, after a regenerative stop, the protagonists are guided by a mysterious Saint Christopher medal towards a meeting that will change everything. The youngsters come face to face with a menacing cowboy who will lead them to share their paths. The epilogue of the film suggests that we have not yet seen everything and that Alanui’s journey resumes in search of new destinations.

The new spring summer 2021 collection, on sale on Farfetch, plays a key role in the narrative of the film, emphasizing the concepts of adventure and escapism through the jacquard motifs and designs of the knitwear. Running horses and howling wolves, against the backdrop of fiery sunrises and sunsets, are reproduced on the unmistakable oversized cardigans.

Alanui’s Icon cardigans are made with the noblest Italian cashmere, using up to seven different yarns and over 12 hours of workmanship for the embroidered designs. The details, such as the hand-made fringes, further enrich the garments, preserving the casual and chic look of the collection. The Saint Christopher medal, symbol of the video campaign, is also the figurative representation of the free and adventurous spirit of the brand.

Each Alanui garment is designed to be the perfect travel companion and made to reach a level of luxury that grows with the passage of time. The adventure of “West is a state of mind” is over but Alanui’s journey continues to new destinations.

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