Comedy movies on Netflix: Vogue’s top 5

After i best Italian films, i best fashion movies, i best romantic movies and the best comedies on Netflix, here’s a list of movies to laugh at

Making people laugh heartily is truly a commendable undertaking. It takes intelligence to place a joke at the right times and without falling into vulgarity. Ok, in comic movies sometimes some slip on good taste is forgiven, but as long as it happens in the right context and you don’t exaggerate. In a historical period like ours in which politically correct is often used for instrumental purposes, some films would make us wrinkle our noses and certain sketches would be banned immediately. The search for equality remains sacrosanct but it must also be remembered that these remain works of fiction, sometimes extreme in mocking the vices and defects of the human being. In short, it should be kept in mind, especially for the titles that – between the five chosen as unmissable in the Netflix comic vein – date back to a few seasons ago. They remain, after all, children of their own time, and at times they contain a disarming naivety that we absolutely should not condemn. Since ancient times, art has been used as a social criticism and satire. With this premise in mind, it is appropriate to suggest that the audience have a laugh. Release, with a light heart and without judgment.

1. Zohan

The subtitle “All women come to a head” is enough to make a certain feminist fringe scream heresy, but Zohan remains a fictional character with over ten years of life from the first appearance on the big screen and does not hide any offensive afterthought. This former Israeli spy, in fact, escapes from her homeland to become a hairdresser in New York. Today he would define himself as a hair stylist or groomer, but in any case the concept does not change: he has always wanted to model and style female hair to transform them into works of art. His passion does not go unnoticed in the suburban salon where he is hired, especially because he offers customers an extra red light for pure goodness of mind, without any discrimination based on age or physical prowess. His fame, predictably, spreads throughout the neighborhood but something unexpected stands in the way of his dreams of glory.
Bizarre, hilarious and unexpected: the story is recommended for those who love the most unlikely demented implications even in the most serious premises.

2. The bride’s friends

They call them Bridezilla and they are a very dangerous category, that of brides-to-be struggling with wedding preparations. In Italy the role of bridesmaids is not so consolidated but overseas it is a serious matter and follows a sort of hierarchy of affection towards the new girlfriend. Woe, therefore, to choose the maid of honor if more than one friend is competing for the title: a kind of cold war is triggered with no holds barred. Not all, in fact, are as angelic and docile as Katherine Heigl in 27 blank times: in the case of The bride’s friends the procession is mismatched and possibly dangerous. The disaster, therefore, of the ceremony but also in the previous appointments, from the bachelorette party to the dress rehearsal, passes through a series of hilarious, not to say tragicomic, expedients. There is the envy of the spinster, the competition for attention, the vulgarity of the future sister-in-law and the egotism of more than one guest. Surviving this pressure seems like a mission impossible, yet …
Desecrating, explicit and irreverent: ideal for those who make a mockery of traditions, even if they secretly love them.

3. How to kill the boss… and live happily

Office stress causes hair to grow white or bald, multiply insomnia and even create nervous breakdowns with a lot of diagnosis in tow. Here’s why, just like in How to kill the boss … and live happily at least once in your life you have indulged in violent fantasies about your employer. For the most part it was a question of half-hearted wishes for a fall from the stairs or for a careless crossing on the pedestrian crossing, just to get a few days of respite from screams and recriminations, but the protagonists go further. Far beyond. They really plan to take out the harassing bosses to regain their peace of mind. And in fact the film stages various types of superiors, from the incapable one to the bully passing even to Jennifer Aniston in a nymphomaniac version. The gags are absolutely irresistible because obviously the harassed subordinates turn out to be inconclusive scoundrels and incapable of hurting even a fly.
Caustic, irreverent and treacherous, it is perfect for those who want to exorcise their work demons with a healthy laugh.

How to kill the boss … and live happily

4. Hangover 2

Hangover stay one of the most hilarious sagas of recent times. Once again the trigger is marriage: what boys consider to be a “noose around the neck” is exorcised with a noteworthy bachelor party. And certainly the one organized by Bradley Cooper and associates will remain in history, even in the various sequels because everything really happens, in the most extreme declination of the concept of fun. After Las Vegas, this group of leading friends stop over in Bangkok for Stu’s (Ed Helms) wedding and once again manage to outdo themselves and get themselves into trouble of epic proportions. Suffice it to say that the groom-to-be finds himself in a Thai motel with Mike Tyson’s tattoo on his face. Recidivists and reckless, this time they even think that the dead are missing. Joining the (too) cheerful brigade is Leslie Chow, who attracts trouble like a magnet. Once again they have to reconstruct the events during the hangover and repair the damage caused in order not to blow up the wedding.
Excessive, paradoxical and insane: the perfect cocktail for those who want to turn off their brains and eliminate problems with two hours of pure visual madness.

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5. Ted

Other than soft and cuddly teddy bear (Paddington style, to understand): Ted it is the antithesis of any comforting childhood friend. It comes to life and buys the word thanks to the Christmas wish of the child who receives it as a gift, John (as an adult played by Mark Wahlberg), but has been combining all the colors ever since. He swears, drinks and takes drugsas well as being addicted to sex and an endless list of bad habits. That’s why John’s girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis), is tired of having him around and offers the boy an ultimatum between him and the puppet. The situation obviously degenerates into an unpredictable and catastrophic domino effect. With a host of distinguished guest stars, which also include Norah Jones.
Anarchist, rebellious and reckless: perfect for those who need a parenthesis / outlet to send that country to the whole world.

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