Hillary Clinton she immediately threw herself back into politics. Michelle Obama she became a writer, producer and now also an actress. Laura Bush did not interrupt her philanthropic activity for a moment. IS Melania Trump? What is the former First Lady doing after she leaves the White House to return to Mar-a-Lago, the Trump summer residence?

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The answer is: it relaxes. According to some sources close to the Trump family, for Melania this period is exclusively dedicated to relaxation in the spa Palm Beach home. Nothing seems to disturb Melania’s beauty routine, not even the procedure impeachment brought against her husband then ended up in an unpredictable vote that acquitted the former president.

Morning, afternoon and evening, Melania spends her time with beauty treatments, massages, manicures and saunas. A routine that the source who revealed the details to CNN described as slightly “repetitive”.

No program changes except the meeting, every evening, with Viktor and Amalija Knavs, Melania’s parents who meet with the former President and Melania for a dinner which is usually based on fish. There is a certain annoyance, at least according to the sources consulted, for the activity and benevolence enjoyed, at this moment, by her successor, Jill Biden. In fact, in her four-year term, mrs. Trump has never had covers, or pages in the national press. A lack of coverage that, however, seems to depend on Melania herself who, as a form of self-defense, has always avoided giving interviews to journalists but who now, perhaps, experiences her “absence from the front pages” with a hint of remorse.

Nothing that, however, another day at the spa cannot cancel. Or maybe more than one. Who knows.

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