We had been keeping an eye on it for a while and wanted to learn more to deliver our verdict: Layla Cosmetics Milan is one of the brands we are betting on for 2021.

Doesn’t that sound new to you? Of course, because it is not an emerging brand, on the contrary, it belongs to the history of beauty made in Italy. Founded way back in 1936, for years it has been synonymous with enamels quality, especially popular in beauty centers. Perhaps, like so many of us, you too have known him this way.

What attracted our curiosity? A little less than a year ago – precisely four days after the lockdown of March – a real Big Bang: the CEO of Layla Cosmetics has inaugurated its first live broadcast on Instagram (@laylacosmetics) with tutorials letting the world know beauty lovers that, in recent years, the company has invested heavily in research and innovation, creating new lines of super-performing make-up products and also super cool. From there, the social community grew out of all proportion, so much so that they already exist “the Girls of Layla “.

Babila Spanish / LAYLA COSMETICS

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At this point, a little digression about her is in order, Babila Spagnolo, the soul of Layla Cosmetics, the third generation of the family, who inherited the reins of the company from their unforgettable mother Emma Rossetti. If you’ve seen it in action, you can’t fail to notice it, because it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed: spontaneous, energetic, fun, irreverent and pleasantly naive.

Babila has decided to revolutionize her brand literally putting “face”, humanizing with its tutorials a brand that, in a few months, drove everyone crazy through an ironic and direct communication that breaks down stereotypes.

To understand: the mascara cult The Longer The Better was launched by Rocco Siffredi. The semi-permanent nail polishes from Fedez, which we discovered to be an innate talent in the application steps. Also Mara Maionchi is joining the “Layla Lovers” team. All characters that you don’t expect to see associated with a make-up brand.

On the other hand, Babila is out of the box already from the name, which is masculine. In fact, it comes from San Babila (yes, like the red stop, for territorial deformation we Milanese think for subways, but, obviously, also like the Saint, ed). Among other things, it is she who tells us that she lived with her mother … in the San Babila area!

Before going into the gallery of must have to try the brand, tells us how the idea of ​​getting involved in the first person was born.

How did you end up on video?

“During the lockdown I understood that the public wants transparency, novelty, sharing. I started directing almost by accident and, at first, I wanted to look flawless. Now I open the videos without make-up with the flannel, we experience change together. I try to listen to the needs of the community – it was the public who asked me to do it nude lipstick mask-proof, to give you an example – and to address even extra-cosmetic themes such asempowerment and freedom of expression “.

Speaking of other issues, we know that you have just launched a new initiative with Rocco Siffredi.

I am delighted: it is monthly appointments on the relationship of women with their sexuality. All dealt with in an ironic but very delicate way, to discuss, reflect and, perhaps, discover something more about themselves.

Fedez, however, how did you involve him?

The truth? I’m his diehard fan! When I called him for the first time, I was very upset. Do you think that to simplify his life I had thought of making him find the ready concept, but he immediately replied: “But look, I want to do everything myself! Let’s get to work! ”. I love it.

Another nice collaboration is the one with Veronica Benini, known by all as the Spora (@spora) a force ofempowerment and training for women. How did your line of lipstick Sporouge?

I turned to her to be helped. Veronica is very good as a consultant and strategist for business and I am taking advantage of your valuable support. He has built a good relationship and, for his inspirational annual event for women, the 9 Muse Milan, we thought of three shades of red, the color that distinguishes it: lipsticks are called Stay Figa, Stay Diva, Stay Loca.

I Stay Diva addicted, I confess. We also like the names you give your products a lot. Indeed, it is time to draw up a list of essential ‘must haves’ for those who want to know Layla in her new role. Are we leaving? Tell us about it

  1. 1

    Aquatouch foundation

Aquatouch foundation with Vitamin C by Layla Cosmetics

“There’s no point in putting on a cool makeup if you don’t have one perfect face base. I don’t like heavy bottoms, except for certain special occasions. Aquatouch is a fresh, light and layered base coat with medium-low coverage. It is ideal not to weigh down the face but, on the contrary, make it radiant. Vitamin C inside gives brightness and uniformity to the skin “.

2. Baba eyeshadow palette

Layla Cosmetics Baba Eyeshadow Palette

“Here, of course, I’m biased: it’s mine favorite, I gave her my nickname. It’s composed by 10 eyeshadows buttershine with a luminous finish e 8 matte eyeshadows. Perfect for those who love black as well as pink, mix blue with silver, love gold and Northern lights. A palette with the indispensable colors for a complete make-up, but which allows for many glamorous combinations “.

3. The Longer The Better Mascara

Layla Cosmetics The Longer The Better mascara

“It became a cult and not just because we launched it together with Rocco Siffredi. We worked hard on it and, in the end, we got what we wanted: a mascara that literally ‘creates’ the lashes, thanks to polymeric filaments that have a super lengthening effect “.

4. Eyliner Mat as Hell

Layla Cosmetics’ Mat as Hell eyliner

“I love it because it really is ultra black and waterproof. The finish is opaque, the line is clear and decisive “.

5. Lip Stain Eternal

Layla Cosmetics Lip Stain Eternal

“The problem of the mask prompted us to formulate a liquid lipstick that was really long-lasting. Eternal in 12 shades, a lipstick satin which, although indelible, does not dry out the lips. Give it two passes waiting for it to dry and it will not rise for the whole day ”.

6. Trio of Sporouge lipsticks

The Lipstick Stay Figa from the Sporouge line by Layla Cosmetics

“They are the lipsticks we talked about earlier, created for Spore. They are for women who want to be themselves, to dare, to show the world who they are without fear ”.

7. Sculpt Contour

The Sculpt Contour by Layla Cosmetics

“These are two palettes that I insert at the last because they just came out, but I find them very useful: they allow you to create a contouring without wasting hours, they are easy to use. There are two, because one has medium warm undertone and the other medium cold“.

8. Ceramic Effect Enamel

Ceramic Effect nail polish by Layla Cosmetics

“I cannot fail to close this roundup with a tribute to the products that have made the history of the company, nail polishes. Ceramic Effects create one thickness with a ‘ceramic’ effect and do not require an application base. Perfect for those who want flawless and shiny nails but don’t have much time to dedicate to manicures! “.

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